The Talking Comatose Lady

1:47 AM

Have you guys seen this clip?
Its from a local drama.

Doktor dari mana ni weh?
Why on Earth are you taking history from a patient with a endotracheal tube up her throat?!
And why isn't she sedated?
Can't you hear the "teet teet teet" noise from the ventilator?!
She's breathing by herself. 

Take it off!

Nak check kaki pulak dia.

I'm not a big fan of TV dramas. 
I don't have any specific reasons. But I think for now on, I think I should do just that. Sit around at dawn in front of the idiot box (it's a legit term for TV - sila jangan sentap!). I mean look at this la. It's really entertaining how the directors and producers just pakai letak je ET tube dalam mulut.

The last time I wrote about this, OK la.

It was meant to be a joke.
But this presumably serious drama buat macam ni, pelik la.

Dear producers and directors, please get a proper advisor for your shows.


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  1. You don't take it off just like that.
    I worked in an ICU for a long time. Part of my work is to wean off the patient from the ventilator. First I reduce the sedation, and the PEEP if there is any. I observe whether patient is trying to breathe on his own with the ETT in place. I wait until the patient is awake and talk to him/her, giving instructions and reassuring. I observe the patient's response as shown by her facial expression especially the eyes (usually they appear exactly as in the picture). I will introduce SIMV and watch the O2 saturation to see whether the patient is coping. I continue to encourage the patient to breath on his/her own. I watch the number of breaths he/she manage to take. If the oxygen sat is maintained and the tidal volume is OK I reduce the IMV rate further. If Ok I will reduce the FiO2, and try to bring it down to 30%. I watch out for tiredness. If the respiratory effort is maintained with 0 IMV and the patient is alert, I prepare for extubation. I will tell the patient what is to be done. With the help of my nurse, we suck out all secretions disconnect from the ventilator, release the balloon and remove the tube. We put the patient on a mask delivering 30% oxygen and observe the respiration and the SPO2.

  2. Any way its not the houseman's job to give the sedation.

  3. Admittedly if someone can complete full sentences with an ETT in situ then you have to check whether it's actually really in or not ��.

    TV dramas influence our society, this is an undeniable (if unfortunate) fact. Misinformation, even from something considered as so insignificant; may lead to bigger impact and implications in the future.

    Social responsibility is important - from the directors, producers and even consumers (like us!)

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