Health Officers being told to FOG OFF

8:09 AM

MYTH: Stupidity and arrogance (bodoh sombong) has no cure.

FACT: It actually has a cure. It is called KNOWLEDGE.

How do you gain knowledge? Nowadays, you can use your smartphone. For instance, you can learn about what causes Dengue Fever by opening an app called Google CHROME and search for Dengue Fever. At one point, you may realize that Dengue Fever can be DEADLY and is a vector borne disease spread by the Aedes mosquito.

"Hmmm...since it is deadly, I wonder how I can avoid myself from getting bitten by an Aedes mosquito." a good question to ask yourself. Let's take a look at when the mosquitoes are most active.

Just Google: "Aedes mosquito most active" and the first thing that will come up is:

Aedes aegypti is a day biting mosquito. That means that the mosquito is most active during daylight, for approximately two hours after sunrise and several hoursbefore sunset. The mosquito rests indoors, in closets and other dark places. Outside, they rest where it is cool and shaded.

"Ahhh....2 hours after sunrise and several hours after sunset."
That's around 6 to 8 am right?

No wonder, the authorities try to kill off Aedes mosquitoes at dawn and at dusk. Kudos guys!

But no. This guy just need to show off his stupidity.
He whips out his not-so-smart-phone and starts to tell off these officers from the health department to FOG OFF! What the fog?! These vector control officers have to leave home early, just to help eradicate adult mosquitoes in this guy's area. With the hopes of preventing others from getting a potentially life threatening Dengue fever. And the best thing this guy can do is tell them to FOG OFF? 

Catch the video at Public Health Malaysia

He accuses the health department officers of trying to kill off his family 'softly' with his song the smell of diesel. You heard THAT from the guy who smokes can puff off as well.

All this debacle wouldn't have happened if he was more alert of his surrounding. He didn't have to ask who is the person who had Dengue in the area. The health officers would have already put up a banner saying "ANDA DI KAWASAN WABAK DENGGI" in the neighborhood. He just had to look.

It would have been wiser and more civilized of him to ask the officers politely on what they were doing instead of trying to harass the officers with his phone. Just stop the trend of "proving you are right by recording things on your phone". Remember the couple who prevented an traffic officer from giving them a parking ticket? It back fired and they had to go to jail.

There is a saying in Bahasa Malaysia "Bodoh tu kasi simpan sikit". Keep that in mind whenever you threaten to viral something.

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