A Load of Hogwash from "Religious Riders"

9:18 AM

Late last month (September 2016), Malaysians were AWAKENED FROM THEIR SLEEP by the news of a Rotavirus outbreak at a renowned water theme park in Northern Malaysia.

Awani News
A few days later I was almost knocked unconscious by this piece of news.

What in the world is this? Let me translate it abit.

"Water ticks have been found in Laketown Resort. Confirmed by DR JAMIL with a Jewish scientist. Just received news this morning. Keep this info properly to preserve our offspring forever and ever."

"Information received by DR JAMIL from a German Jewish scientist, they have discovered a secret. A group of Jewish scientists have taken out some ZIKA LARVAE to be spread to the whole ASEAN nations through the water for the past 1 week. They disguise themselves as tourists and release them at places of interests." 

"The main objective of the Jews is to kill the Muslims silently. Without releasing any vaccines to achieve their quota."

"This is a reliable source. THIS AIN'T NO PRANK."

"My advice to my fellow comrades is to get this THINGAMAJINGGA as soon as possible. Dr Jamil has treated 173 patients suffering from outbreaks of ZIKA/DIPHTHERIA/EBOLA/DENGUE"

I wonder if anyone actually believes in this hogwash.
Come on la, ZIKA LARVAE? Or did they mean the Aedes mosquito larvae? Clearly, they have no idea what's the difference between a VIRUS, BACTERIA and VECTOR.

And who is this DR JAMIL fella? Why has he not won a Nobel Prize for pioneering a quadruple treatment module for Zika, Diphtheria, Dengue and Ebola. Oh wait, that isn't going to work, they are anti-Jews. EVERYTHING is the Jew's fault...even their STUPIDITY...which they have yet to realize that they are STUPID.

But what's the worst thing of all? Malays call it PENUNGGANG AGAMA. Selling products for their own personal gain by using religious sentiments. Accuse every other race and religion in the world of conspiring against them. Preying on innocent, naive and no less stupid people to achieve financial gains.

They are the worst of the worst. But in this day and age, these are the type of people who are considered as heroes and saviors of their religion and race. 

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