Pseudoscience Marketing Testimonials

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Malaysians just LOVE IT!

No matter how ridiculous it is, people just love to BELIEVE IT 100%.
To put more ooomphh in the claim, get a popular artist to be its ambassador. No need science. No need knowledge. The only knowledge required is HOW TO SELL PRODUCTS!

What kind of cerekarama is this?

"My husband has a bad gastric (gastritis?). It turned out he has appendix (appendicitis?) because of the delay in treating gastric."

In typical marketing fashion, towards the end of the testimony  would be an introduction of the product and the number to call. What everyone else (other than a scientifically sharp eyed person) would have missed are:
1. Who is the person who posted this?
2. Who on earth diagnosed the disease?
3. Gastrik stage teruk? What????!!!!
4. Urine test? - was it a urine pregnancy test?

Here is anatomy 101.

Digestive tract (image from Wikipedia)
The stomach is synonymous to gastric. Unfortunately, stomach in BM is perut. Which can also mean THE WHOLE ABDOMEN. 
If you look closely, you will realize that the appendix is somewhere else; at the right lower part.

Now, gastritis and appendicITIS are TWO DIFFERENT pathologies. While the initial presentation might look similar, an appendicitis is more ACUTE. Meaning you CANNOT have appendicitis for weeks or months. 

The only way to prevent the appendix from rupturing and cause death by SEPSIS secondary to an excruciating painful PERITONITIS is APPENDICECTOMY; take the appendix out.
Appendicectomy in progress (image from Wikipedia)

What ever it is, please la, don't buy into marketing mambo jumbo stuff. You can't prove something right with just a few testimonials. 


Think critically.

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  1. melayu suka sgtla beli produk2 testimoni ni..lagi2 kalo selit perkataan2 mcm "sunnah" "aura" "bio" dsb..yg paling celaka skali ada dogtor2 plak yg tolong promote produk2 sampah ni kt patients dek kesempitan wang dan ingin hidup mewah sbab nk fulfill pandangan umum bahawa doktor2 kononnya kaya..kepada doktor2 MLM one word for u starts with "F"


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