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Contrary to popular belief, A & E does NOT mean ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Instead, it means ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY. The latter meaning is more important though, EMERGENCY.

Yet, most of the time people have NO CLUE on what kind of service this department cater for. Here are a few tips on WHAT TO DO WHEN COMING TO A & E.

1. Ambulance:

i. The ambulance service is for EMERGENCY cases only. If you can walk and talk, it is better to go to the hospital yourself. Being too tired because of a fever is NOT an indication.

ii. When calling for an ambulance, please call 999 call center. DO NOT call for one through a direct line or stop one at the side of the road. That ambulance might be heading somewhere to retrieve a dying patient.

iii. Ambulances are for those that are alive. NOT for the deceased. Please do not complain to the MARVELOUS Harian Mxxxxx when the paramedics have ascertained a person is dead and call the police instead. They are doing their job to SAVE LIVES, NOT to bring back the dead.

iv. Please provide the exact location and circumstances of the event. They are not being 'busy body' and trying to waste your time. The paramedics need to prepare themselves with the right equipment. Saying 'depan tiang elektrik yang ke sepuluh' won't help too.

v. Imagine yourself fighting for your life inside the ambulance. Please give way when you see the flashing lights and blaring sirens. (read You Are The Reason Why Ambulances Are Late)

2. Before coming

i. Before stepping out of the house, think again...is this really an emergency? Needing a medical leave the next day is NOT an emergency.

ii. Please bring along an identification document. Don't just give your name and forget your IC number, there might be hundreds of Ahmad and Ali in the records. The IC is exclusive to ONE individual only. Besides, we also need to verify you are Malaysian or not.

iii. If you don't want to pay the ONE RINGGIT fee, please bring along a guarantee letter (GL) or pension card for a waiver.

iv. If you have a chronic disease, please try and remember your medications and dosage. Please don't expect doctors to remember the ubat bulat warna putih. And ada kencing manis sikit doesn't mean anything!

v. Please bear in mind that there might be some procedures that needs to be done such as blood taking, chest x rays and insertion of devices. If you refuse to do anything, might as well don't come at all.

vi. DO NOT bring the whole kampung. Sometimes a whole bus will come with a patient but not one of them know the exact illness history.....true story.

3.  At the triage

i. Please allow the paramedics to do their job. There should be only the patient and perhaps just ONE relative at the triage. Don't barge in demanding this and that. They have to assess ALL patients.

ii. Triaging is a method of fast assessment of the severity of a patient's illness based on the vital signs and presenting complaints.
     RED:            life threatening emergency
     YELLOW:   less severe
     GREEN :     not life threatening

4. Waiting

i. Please wait patiently at the waiting area until it is your turn. Please don't knock on the door every few minutes asking whether it is your turn. It does not help. In fact, it makes everyone else have to wait longer. If you feel that your name was left out for some reason, politely knock on the door and ask. If  it has been established that you card is there PLEASE WAIT!

ii. If you see hundreds of other people waiting at the waiting area, please don't miraculously expect to be seen within 10 minutes in green zone. Use common sense.

5.  Consultation

i. Please try and be as concise as possible and tell the doctor exactly what happened. Don't la when doctor ask, everything also tak tahu. Try not to give a mak nenek story like:

"Saya kenal Dato' XYZ. Last week I went to his house bla, bla, bla. And then yesterday I pergi karaoke bla, bla, bla. Then today I fell from the bed. My leg hurt a bit la but sikit only, no problem. My problem is baru start demam 2 hours ago."

ii. Please be as honest as possible about the illness or disease. Far too often I have seen patients and relatives trying to cover up their past illness.

Me:          Your toe looks blackish and foul smelling. How long have it been like this? Do you have                     diabetes?

Mr. X:      A little bit only. Doctor stopped my medication, now I'm taking Quadruple stem cell. This                    toe swelling only just now. Today only I notice.  

Blood sugar: 30 and the toe was gangrenous. Go figure!

Kalau nak tipu, tipu lah berpada pada

iii. The decision to admit the patient does NOT depend on the ED doctor. They need to refer to the respective departments. It may take time for the other doctor for other departments to come and assess the patient. Furthermore, sometimes the ward may be too full for admit patients resulting in a backlog. When we sumbat jugak patients to the ward, we'll get a complaint for wad kurang selesa.

If anyone has anything to top up please do leave a comment. Whatever it is, please treat all the healthcare staff as humans. We sacrifice our time with our families at night just to make sure the public gets taken care off. We have our ups and downs. We are humans. If we get treated like one, we will return the favor as well.

*This is an edited version of TIPS BEFORE COMING TO ED

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