Always The Doctors Yang Bodoh

9:37 AM


So now, I tolong la! 
However, before typing all sorts of baik punya bahasa targeting the doctors, this guy should have turned off the CAPS LOCK setting. It's quite a strain to read when all the words are in capital letters. Then, before pressing the 'post' button, a better idea would be for this very good son to GET SOME CLARIFICATIONS FROM THE DOCTORS.

Suka hati je cakap doktor bodoh la, operation bodoh la, doktor tak dapat kasih sayang mak la.

You know or not, some doctors in the hospital CAN'T TEND TO THEIR SICK PARENTS OR CHILDREN because they have to attend to a random stranger who is ill? They can't take a break because there are not enough staff to ensure OPTIMUM CARE to patients!

Let me guess, his mum might most probably have an underlying diabetes. From the screen capture, it looks like possible NECROTIZING FASCIITIS. Try and look it up on Google instead of pakai smartphones only for FACEBOOKING and MAKING THINGS VIRAL.

My hati sudah PANAS (just look at the amount of my capslocking!). The doctors and staff at the mentioned hospital may not even have a clue that they have been labeled BODOH. Even if they did, will they do anything? Will they just suddenly discharge his mum without proper care?

The answer is NO.

We treat every single person without prejudice. You can be a murderer, but your life still matters to us; ALL MEDICAL STAFF - doctors, nurses, medical assistants. You can abuse us, spit at our faces, call us names - in the end, what matters to us is YOUR LIFE and YOUR RELATIVE's life is safe. We will stabilize any sick person with whatever resources that we have.

....even though our children miss our hugs and kisses at night because of our night shift.
....even though our parents dearly miss us at our hometown. Dah lama tak balik kampung.
....even though our wives are left at home, alone. Taking care of the kids.

Bodoh pun, bodoh la. At least my bodoh-ness, made significant changes in the healthcare of some random stranger.

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  1. Tp mungkin dia lagi bodoh biar mak dia sampi jadi NF

  2. Memang sah penulis itu Bodoh Sombong

  3. Fella deserve to have reproductive organs (redacted) for such an awesome post

  4. Patut tak yah black out nama dia. Biar doktor otai sekolahkan dia sikit...

  5. Kalau rasa Dr gomen tak bagus, dipersilakan ke private ye. Kita ada byk kes lagi nk settle

  6. Kalau rasa Dr gomen tak bagus, dipersilakan ke private ye. Kita ada byk kes lagi nk settle



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