Milestone Unlocked: DIAgnois Apokalips

8:09 AM

Should I continue to hide behind the mask or pull off a Tony Stark's "I am Iron Man" bombshell?

This question lingered on for almost a week in my head. Should I attend the launching of DIAgnosis Apokalips with a mask on or as my 'Tony Stark-ish' self?

"DIAgnosis Apokalips is the latest addition to the DIAgnosis series of novels from White Coat. It is a compilation of short stories by fourteen doctors inspired by the events of 2014's BAH BESAR in the east coast of Malaysia. MOfrust contributed just a small portion, depicting the post disaster relief efforts. DIAgnosis Apokalips is exclusive distributed by MPH and retails for RM 25."

I arrived at the launch venue; Putrajaya International Convention Center, on 29th March WITHOUT a mask. Because I misplaced it somewhere. Thankfully, due to my lack of metrosexual-ness, I managed to blend with the stage backdrop. Thus, I became a ninja and no one else (other than the other writers) knew that MOfrust attended the launching.

Notice the ad-hoc 'M' signature?
At the end of the launch, I realized that no one would actually bothered with MOfrust; with or without the mask.

"Awak ni penulis juga ke?" asked a gadis manis.
"Oh, blogger ke. Tak pernah dengar pun MOfrust."

After a night of sleepless night mengenangkan nasib ku ini, I came out with an AWESOME shameless plug idea. Get everyone who came for the book signing event to ALWAYS REMEMBER ME by giving them an awesome bookmark which doubles as a name card. This way, MOfrust akan sentiasa dekat di hati.

The meet and greet session was great. It was a whole new experience for me. Out of the hundreds of people who turned out, only about TEN people have ever heard of MOfrust. On another note, at least one child had a fright of her life seeing me in person. She cried non stop. 

Dr. Mafeitz, Dr. Syamirullah, Dr. Anwar, Dr. Fatin, Dr. Mahyuddin, Dr Hafidz
Hopefully, by distributing the name card, I can get more people to read my blog and just lay the foundations for potential readers of my future book.

What's in store in the near future?
1. The MOfrust + One Pint Normal Saline collaboration is still on. Both of us have submitted the manuscripts and drafts. Hopefully it will be released in 2016.
2. More meet and greet sessions for DIAgnosis Apokalips. I'm looking for a more comfortable mask that will not suffocate me after using it for a few hours. Do give me a heads up if anyone has a recommendation.
3. I know, I challenged myself to write a Cinta Medik novel in the past. But after more than a month of trying to come up with a content, I will put it on hold for now. However, I am in the process of writing a MOfrust origin story, in the likes of Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins (please don't compare it to the disappointing Batman V Superman). Plus, it will be in Bahasa Melayu! Watch out for that.

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  1. Diagnosis apokalips nie xde jual online k??? Huhu

    1. Assalamualaikum Asyraaf, anda boleh ke laman web MPH online untuk pembelian secara online. terima kasih

  2. Diagnosis apokalips nie xde jual online k??? Huhu

  3. Haha..lawak. saya ada jugak pergi MPH bookfair tu semata-mata nak beli apokalips tu pun sbb tahu dari ig dr,fatin liyana..bila sampai masa sesi autograph tu kat MOFrust, saya tak kenal pun MOfrust tu sapa. Eh. Encik Mimpi ke ni? Sejak drpd tu, saya kenal dan stalk post lama dlm blog ni. Apapun, Goodluck!! Teruskan menulis. We really do enjoy your writing..:D


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