Redha: Autism Awareness

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"Abang ingat tak betapa gembiranya kita masa dia lahir dulu.
Bila dia nangis abang angkat dia, abang letak dia atas dada abang,
Abang kata degup jantung abang akan tenangkan dia..."

Rarely does a film trailer bring tears to my eye, but after seeing the movie trailer for Redha, I just can't help letting out some manly tears.

With the exception of Ola Bola, most of the films produced locally mainly revolves around love stories, kisah seram and slapstick comedies. Redhadeals with a very serious issue; AUTISM. AUTISM is one of those things that A LOT of people have HEARD OF but RARELY UNDERSTAND.

Most Malaysians would have heard about it from their anti-vaxxer friends, more concerned about digging up useless information from questionable sites. However, most would not have a clue of what actually is Autism.

"Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life due to a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain."

Excerpt from National Autism Society of Malaysia, NASOM

Pic from NASOM
Most autistic kids are easily labelled as 'naughty', 'disobedient' and 'stupid' kids. They are easily subjected to physical and mental abuse because they are 'different'. Most of the time, the whole family is subjected to tremendous stress.

I have talked to quite a few parents with autistic children. I have tremendous respect for these parents who continue to support their kids. I have met with a few parents who had to sacrifice their successful careers just to take care of their child. Some relocated their whole family to another town, just to be close to a school which specializes in care of autistic children.

I always tell these parents that their kids are NOT SICK. They are NOT DISABLED. They just need a different approach to deal with life's challenges. They have abilities which can be nurtured early on to enable them to have a quality life.

It is of utmost importance that children with signs of autism be detected early to ensure proper management can be given. Thus, parents are encouraged to adhere to the appointment schedule at local clinics to enable the medical staff to conduct M-chat assessment accordingly. Do highlight to the attending staff on any abnormalities seen in the behavior of the child.

I do hope this film will do well upon its release on 14th April 2016. Every effort to promote the awareness of AUTISM will go along way. Kudos to the director, producers and team behind Redha. Redha will definitely be in my MUST WATCH films this year.  

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  1. Thank you for your effort for helping out in the awareness campaign. Kindly #tag #redhamovie in posting, FB, twitter, instagram or any social network services. So we can read about your views and suggestions

  2. Thanx Dr. We are organising Persidangan Kebangsaan Autisme 2016 at UTHM together with Autisme Malaysia and NASOM on 1-3rd April and will launch National Autism Wèek during the opening ceremony. Redha also will be there...

  3. Thanks for highlighting this movie out. i've a brother with autism. Yeah it's hard.

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