Template for A Viral Post

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1. Clearly state that you want this to become viral. (It's OK if the spelling is rubbish, like malas nak type).

"Mntk tlg viral kn situasi ni ye..."

"Please make this viral"

2. Highlight how you and your family are SPECIAL BEINGS needing 100% attention.

"Saya bayar cukai tau! GST saya bayar!"


"Saya dah bayar SATU RINGGIT!"

"Saya kenal orang dalam tau! Kerani dekat ofis tu pakcik jiran saya!"

3. Insert your grouses here.

"Apa ke bangang nye hospital besar macam ni takde alat bantuan pernafasan. Takkan la doktor pelatih tu nak tekan alat hembusan (bagging) memanjang!. Doktor pakar, nurse, MA dan menteri kesihatan patut lakukan sesuatu."

4. Add a pinch of unverified, unsubstantiated accusations secukup rasa.

"Ada sembang dengan pakcik seberang jalan tepi rumah, dia kata kena gertak sikit nurse dan doktor tu. Kalau tak pakai ORANG DALAM, memang susah nak dapat rawatan terbaik. GILA KAU, takkan la sampai nak rasuah."

5. Highlight and remind the readers on your noble intentions. 

"Saya harap dengan viralnya post ini dapat membantu mendapatkan PERHATIAN."

Easy right? Just FIVE steps. No sweat.

DISCLAIMER: The contents written is purely fiction. Any relations to any recent events is NOT coincidental. 

It is based on a recently viral-ed rant on Facebook of a lady accusing doctors (and staff) in the ward of NOT DOING THEIR JOB of taking care of her ailing father. Based on information received from someone who has NO IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON, she accused the staff of neglecting their responsibilities and will only do their job properly after using an 'insider' or bribing the staff.

As she wrote the post, the medical staff at the ward and ICU are frantically doing the opposite. They were actually DOING SOMETHING useful to benefit her father.

1. The houseman will be sitting next to the patient's head. Trying his (or her) very best to stay awake and not succumb to muscle fatigue. 

"Make sure the ETT doesn't kink. Don't dislodge the ETT."

Image from ambu.com (note: this is not connected to an ETT)

If you have 'bagged' a patient manually for more than TWO HOURS straight, you know how painful it can be.

2. The MO will be making calls to the ICU, consultant and anaesthesiologist; desperately trying to find any ventilator available. He or she will constantly ask for updates on the patient's blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygenation etc.

3. The nurses will be monitoring the levels of all the medications loaded; inotropes, fluids, sedatives. Every few minutes, the nurse will check the BP and pulse rate and relay the information to the MO in charge. 

This is just a small fraction of what actually goes on behind the scene. If I mention all, esok pun tak habis. 

While the post is being shared all over Facebook, the medical staff have no idea what goes on in social media. They're still working tirelessly. Barely having time to go to the toilet or grab a bite. The most important thing for them was to make sure that the patient survives the ordeal. The medical staff strive hard to make sure the BEST CARE is given to the patient. The best possible care despite LIMITED RESOURCES.

Condolences to the family affected by this predicament. However, it is regrettable that they have to resort to smearing the names of the very people that tried to save her father's life. Memang KAMI SEDIA MEMBANTU, but incidences like this puts a dent on our motivation.


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  1. The dad died and she blamed it on the hospital staff? I missed the boat tak baca apa yang viral about this


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