Sanitary Pads in Disguise

7:39 AM

A friend of mine asked me to comment on an energy saving device DISGUISED as a ladies sanitary pad recently.

After much thought and deliberation, I managed to come out with a theory.

If TWO sanitary pads can be used to save more than 50% of energy bills, then a baby's diapers can get me almost 100% savings. Just look at the size of a diaper, I am not sure how much liquid those pads can hold but I know my son can last a whole night without bocor!

Rough calculation:
1 diaper = 5 sanitary pads

If 1 pad can 'vibrate at a frequency that can alter electrical current', then ONE diaper can have FIVE TIMES better effect!!!!


Doge Much Agree

So, I set out off to test my theory.

Ladies and gentleman,
I can now win the Noble Prize in physics. I have finally solved the world's problem. We can completely reduce our carbon footprints with my NatureComfy Diapers!


I tried it on my Proton Exora 1.6 Bold (Turbo) and the result was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Usually, a full tank of around RM 85 can take me slightly more than 500 km. But with NatureComfy, I don't have to fill the fuel at all. It's stuck there and I can't seem to get it out of that inlet. Now, I spend almost nothing hitching a ride on my wife's car. WOW!


See my 'Dad Bod'

Looks good with a kain pelikat
I tied FOUR of these diapers around my abdomen for a few hours and I can already see the result. Somehow, it managed to absorb all the fatty tissues from my abdomen. After two hours of using it, the diapers were heavy due to the 'transference of fat molecules' to the diapers. It may also be due to my sweat. Holding your breath to keep your tummy tucked in can be quite challenging.

Lo and behold within days of putting up this image on Facebook, I get ladies from all around the world wanting to be my friend. I Like!

This is a scam tau


I used it my wife's Huawei 4X. It's not that power hungry in the first place. But after using NatureComfy, I find that the battery life improved FOUR TIMES. Due to the hassle of opening up the diapers, my wife didn't bother to check her Whatsapp and Facebook that often. As a bonus, MORE FAMILY TIME away from social media. WOW!


OK la, enough with the sarcasm (wasn't it fun?!). The thing is, if a product is designed to be used as a sanitary pad use it for that la. Haritu they claimed that this product can PREVENT cervical cancer, but now it can be used for other stuff as well. If the claims are correct, this product was certified by a 'PAKAR WAVE' (whatever that means). Here's a question that bothers me;

If this pad emits all these waves,  what makes you think it is safe to be used 'down there'?

Think before you buy into these claims.

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  1. Malays will just buy and sell anything...... #jgnkecamsyponmelayu

  2. Hahaha, hr tu diorang lekat atas dahi kata hilang migrain... laki pulak tu...


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