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Since the middle of last year, I have been reading in disbelief ridiculous testimonials from users of a 'magical' card. The first few testimonials I read was, in my opinion, relatively harmless. This 'magic' card claimed to have been able to save users hundreds if not thousands of Ringgit a year. This card was able to 'enhance' and 'modify' the size of molecules to enable users to enjoy better fuel consumption, better gas usage and reduced energy consumption. On this note, there is also a SANITARY PAD being used in a similar read that right SANITARY PADS. TUALA WANITA!!!!! crazy as it may sound!

When Pseudoscience Watch and Say No To MLM highlighted this magical card, it provided some good entertainment for me. It's amusing really, how people can fall for this product and actually promote it. Since this involves knowledge in the field of PHYSICS and ENGINEERING, I thought a better person to comment on this card would be MOfrust's long lost cousin ENGINEERfrust.

However, these unscrupulous marketers have suddenly ventured into the medical field. I don't really know where they got their MBBS or MD from. How come la? Physics and Chemistry pun tak lepas! What's worse, I recently saw a banner near my kampung selling this card with a 'business opportunity' program. The health of my orang kampung and potential patients to my clinic are at stake!


Have these guys heard of bilirubin metabolism? High bilirubin causes jaundice. Where does bilirubin metabolism mainly occur? In the brain or the liver? Kalau nak tipu pun, put the card near the liver la! Oh, maybe they're not sure where the liver is located - left or right ah?
Another questionable fact; if the card is 'powerful' enough to 'make molecules smaller', how can it not have any form of radioactive property? Even X-Ray can't make molecules smaller. And doctors are being extra careful not to use X rays unnecessarily. This one direct contact to the brain! I wonder which wave length this card use?


Gout? That picture looks more like some sort of desloughing procedure was done and NOT GOUT! Those white stuff are NOT urate crystals! The 'before' picture looks like a freshly desloughed wound while the 'after' picture looks like a dried up wound. After a few days with good care, the foot would still look like that even WITHOUT the card.


Seriously, they've got the wrong organ! Insulin does NOT act at the heart. If I remember my anatomy correctly, the heart is located slightly lower then where the card is as well. So, where exactly does this card act on? The upper lobe of the left lung? 

Just tengok la. All this thing people want to believe ke? This product preys on stupidity. They gain profit from stupidity. It's ironic that it is called LaGenius!


Seriously...GOUT, JAUNDICE and DIABETES can be treated with a magic card?! Betoi ke Genius ni? Macam bukan je!


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  1. Habislah doktor dan engineer tak ada kerja nanti. huhu

  2. 23juta rakyat malaysia ... Anggaran 2-3 juta rakyat malaysia mmg suke beli benda bodoh ... Sbb tu masih ada yg menjual ... Segala benda asal nmpk mudah .. Kesan tu belakang kire

  3. Mereka yang jual kad saver ni rata rata tiada pengalaman dan ilmu pengetahuan langsung dan tidak suka mengkaji dengan mendalam. Mereka cuma nak duit sahaja tuan / puan doktor. Saya sendiri pun pernah di approach oleh orang yang jual produk ni kat saya. Kena approach mereka untuk sedar supaya produk yang mereka jual tu tak betul sebenarnya.

  4. There's nano silver in those cards and in the lady's pad....


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