Prevention is cheaper

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Cost of prevention: RM 136
Cost of treatment: RM 4000

Cost of ignorance by choice: Priceless

*Terms and conditions apply. This includes total of herd immunity. Oh wait, we shouldn't use the term 'herd'. Its in-human. Let me correct that, loss of ALL the things modern medicine has worked for to rid the human population of PREVENTABLE infectious diseases.

Nice pitch for Citibank right? 

The cost of prevention actually refers to the cost of a course of DTaP-IPV/Hib (Diphtheria - Tetanus - Pertussis - Polio - Haemophilus influenza Type B) vaccine. A complete dose consist of 3 prime doses (2, 3 and 5 months) and one booster dose at 18 months. A vial of vaccine cost RM 34. Thus, FOUR vials costs RM 136

Meanwhile, the TREATMENT of Diphtheria consists of SEVEN to EIGHT vials of anti toxins which cost RM 500 per vial. Do the maths. Who makes more money? If medical staff are so obsessed of squeezing every cent out of a patient, wouldn't it be more PROFITABLE to TREAT instead of PREVENT? Oh, lupa pulak vaccines are FREE at government clinics!

By the way, anyone got a chance to read The Director General of Health Malaysia (The honorable Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah) latest press release (5th January 2016)?

MOH DG Press Release
It's about the rise of Diphtheria cases in Malaysia. That's how I got all the figures from. I'm sure, if I start to talk about herd immunity and vaccinations, everyone will muntah. I already mentioned about it in my previous post
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Get further information on vaccination from the press release.

Oh, I forget do read up on the first few paragraphs of the D-G's press release.
In 2013, FOUR cases of Diphtheria were detected with TWO DEATHS.
In 2014, ONE death was attributed to incomplete Diphtheria immunization.
2015, an eight year old died due to complications arising from the infection.

I wish that no child will die due to Diphtheria, Measles or get Poliomyelitis in Malaysia. However, at the back of my mind, I have a feeling that it will get significantly worse in the years to come.

I choose - to vaccinate.

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  1. I totallu agree with the motto that prevention is cheaper but what I think is the most important in our battle against diseases is awareness. The most important yet the most underrated tool!


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