FOUR ways to get yourself VIRAL-ED

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This Facebook status pretty much sums up the trending doctor bashing issues brought up on social media. This status update was posted a few days ago and have been picked up and shared by quite a number of medical doctors. I haven't been able to get a hold of the person who original posted this. If you happen to read this, do give me a heads up via email ( or PM me via my Facebook page.

Words of Wisdom (WoW) 1:

Jangan beli buah nangka depan klinik. Or any other fruits for that matter. Tapi sedap ooo buah nangka. Nangka madu. Mmm. Eh, back to the point, resist the urge to buy any stuff in front of the clinic, nanti orang amek gambar. Viral.

The Viraled Nangka-itis
The FORCE of the NANGKA is strong in this one. So what's going on here? Apparently there is a doctor somewhere in that picture. Is it the person wearing shorts? Or that relatively middle aged lady wearing red pants. Or perhaps the doctor is inside the parked Pajero. Where is THE DOCTOR?! Is this supposed to be one of those WHERE IS WALDO picture?

Look hard enough and you may find Waldo...and a doctor in this picture

WoW 2:

Belajar menjahit dengan Taylor Swift. Eh silap, dengan tailor. Belajar jahit sembat ke, tulang pari ke. Belajar jahit manik sekali. So later, bila buat suturing tu nampak lawa. Eh, kalau jahit tak cantik kang orang ambil gambar. Viral.

Jahit dah lawa
Who can forget this epic viralled post. In less than 24 hours it has reached thousands of people. Almost all orthopedic MOs I know condemned this person. Some went to a great extent of stalking her Facebook profile and went a bit too far. I even wrote a post about it (Like This Ke Malaysian Doctors Work?)

WoW 3:

Jangan tidur kat kaunter kul 3 - 4 pagi or time postcall. If you really can't help it, masuk stor tidur atas trolley mayat. Orang tengok atas trolley mayat, dia nak ambil gambor pun takut. Hantu pun takut nak hempap. Kalau tidur kat kaunter gak, orang ambil gambor. Viral.

Quite a number of medical doctors have responded to this picture.
1. The place seems secluded. The lights have been turned off. It doesn't appear to be a place where it is visible to the public. See the angle of the camera? It's like one of those pictures yang saja cari pasal'. Curi-curi ambil.
2. See the person standing close to her? No, that's not a HANTU. It looks like an Assistant Medical Officer (MA) about to reach for the microphone. Perhaps, nak panggil patient.
3. Ever heard kerja bergilir? One person sleeps, while the other continue working. And they switch later on. This way, each staff can get power naps and be fresh to work through out the remaining shift.

WoW 4:

Jangan main phone depan patient or family. Doesn't matter if you are contacting your specialist ke, Googling for drug dosage ke, or nak check on how many likes on your recent Ig photo. Menyorok belakang pintu baru main phone. Kalau orang amik gambar, viral.

This one ALWAYS happen. Every time a doctor holds a phone in their hand, people assume it is for leisure. Main Facebook, Whatsapp and so on. If you haven't yet realized, SMARTphones are also used for references. Apps such as MIMS, Qx Calculate and Medscape are must haves in our app drawer. It is not humanly possible to memorize ALL the drug dosages and normal values! So, we refer to these apps to make sure PATIENTS GET THE PROPER TREATMENT. Oh, we also use Whatsapp to discuss on CT scans and X rays to get the best modes of treatment.

There's more to SMARTphones than just snap a pic and post it on Facebook to make it viral. Use it wisely.

All this negativity is getting a bit nauseating. So here, is a piece of news today about Dr. S. Madhusudhan; The Teddy Bear Doctor. He is featured in The Star today and is one of the 10 winners of The Star Golden Hearts Award. Through his Teddy Mobile Clinic, he tends to the medical needs of those less fortunate in Kuala Lumpur. Lets make stories like this viral to motivate doctors to serve those in need.


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  1. Hahaha, the part with the smartphone I totally can understand. Although I'm not a doctor but my job also have similar misconception. I used to work with both production floor & data. Whenever i used computer to do data analysis or some reference for regulatory purpose, most people will think I'm playing games inside the computer. Hahaha, those are stupid people without any chance to think out of their box.


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