Don't Kena Kencing By Quacks

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In my last post, I wrote about a pakcik who spent thousands of Ringgit on alternative therapy products for the past few years. He only had Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension; chronic diseases which could be easily controlled with medications. However, he has been indoctrinated by these alternative therapy marketers so much that he completely rejects conventional medicine. 

Try and analyze:

1. Government clinic
Pay RM 1 > Consultation + Blood tests + Imaging (X ray + Ultrasound) if necessary > Medications 

Who gets the benefit?
Doctors - Paid the same salary regardless how many patients seen per day
Nurses - Paid the same
Government - Lagi hilang duit ada la!
Patients - "Ubat gomen bukan bagus pun, servis pun lambat. Jahit kulit pun macam jahit GUNI"

2. Quack doctors

Get invited for FREE 'consultation' > "Pakcik ada masalah DNA ni" 
> DNA altering therapy (RM 400) > Doesn't work 
> "Sel badan pakcik dah terlalu banyak berubah disebabkan ubat JAHANAM yang pakcik makan sebelum ini"
> 'presribed' with MAGIC water RM 10 per bottle. Have to take 6 bottles a day for ONE MONTH

How much does the pakcik have to spend? RM 1800 for the water and RM 400 for the DNA therapy.

Which one actually benefits the patients and which one makes the patient broke? The examples I provided are just based on ASSUMPTIONS. It may cost more, or may cost less. Based on the information I gathered from some of my patients, most of the treatment from these quack doctors will cost at least RM 1000.

If you have relatives or even your parents having chronic illnesses, please try and monitor them. Advice them to take their medication. Be wary of individuals who promote 'tips' on controlling diabetes and hypertension. Jangan di kencing dengan kata-kata manis Quack doctors ni!

Take this example from Pseudoscience Watch. The advertisement looks harmless right? But the group behind it just wants to promote their 'water' products. Heck, they even have a fake Diabetes Institute to promote their products. They even have advertisements (on their other pages) of their members wearing a white coat with a STETHOSCOPE around their necks although they are NOT medical doctors! Shouldn't that raise alarm bells? Some poor pakcik or makcik may think they are getting advice from a REAL doctor, when in fact they are getting them from quacks


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