Too Short Shorts

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A family claimed that medical staff refused to see a boy because the mother was wearing shorts to the clinic. Apparently, he was only attended to after the mother was given a sarong to cover herself up. So, everyone from left and right, up and down blamed the staff and the state health department for coming up with crude, draconian rules that is not so relevant in this day and age except in CASINOS!

Do you believe this story ONE HUNDRED PERCENT? Can you pass judgement based on JUST ONE point of view? It's your choice really. You can take it whole or sit down, think for a while and question yourself "Did this really happen?", "Maybe I should listen to the other side of the story".

According to sources on the ground, the boy was brought to a Klinik 1Malaysia for a deep cut. They were told that Klinik 1Malaysia can't fully manage the case as the wound is too deep. The child was then referred to the hospital. After being assessed, they were asked to wait for the wound to be sutured. As in any other medical facility ALL OVER THE WORLD, medical staff can't let too many relatives in the treatment room. Thus, one of the relatives (the mother) was asked to wait outside first. Seeing the grandmother who was wearing a rather revealing shorts, a nurse passed a sarong to cover herself up because of the cold and SOME OTHER PATIENTS WERE UNEASY WITH THE DRESS.

Did the nurse do anything wrong?
Should she let the other 4 to 5 patients feel uneasy because of one person?
Did she do anything wrong to pass a sarong to a lady who might be feeling cold?
Would you, as a patient want the treatment room to be filled with all the datuk, nenek, pakcik, makcik of one patient?

There's one other BOMBSHELL though: THE RELATIVES WERE NOT ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH OR BAHASA!!!!! in the end, it was all a miscommunication.

As Jeremy Clarkson say:
'On that bombshell it's time to end...."

Happy Deepavali


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  1. This, I believe, is a more plausible explanation to what really happened. When presented with both sides of the story I would put more truth to this one but as with everything you see on the internet, can you elaborate more about your sources?

    Also, can you explain how deep a cut needs to be that a clinic won't be able to manage it? The way I'm thinking it is that it might've hit a nerve or there was a high chance of infection or something but I don't really know. I've been ignoring this piece of news so I don't really know if there are pictures of the wound floating around or not in the internet

  2. [Did the nurse do anything wrong?
    Should she let the other 4 to 5 patients feel uneasy because of one person?]

    Actually yes.

    What if a lot of people feel that burqas make them uneasy? Should we also make a burqa clad woman undress?

    I am on board with everything you said except this point. Also did the other patients/family members actually expressed their unease with their clothes (not that that matter at all).

  3. Ignorant people are everywhere. If we put aside our language and beliefs and look at a person with a good heart, the world can be a better place.

  4. Whatever transpired it may be that technically treatment may not have been denied but do consider that our actions may sometimes make patients feel uncomfortable or unwanted, be it the way one dresses or language the patient speaks. At the end of the day we don't want to deny urgent care, especially to a child.


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