EXPOSED: Cucuk tapi tak cucuk

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"Pro Vaxxers are just drug addicts. They want the injections so badly even with all the bad chemicals in the vaccines."

"We demand doctors and nurses to be more ethical in promoting vaccines. AEFI exists and is worse than the risk of getting POLIO or MEASLES!"

"Don't treat our kids as mere numbers. Be more ETHICAL"

"Doctors and nurses are just agents of destruction to destroy mankind!"

"The studies done have just been altered in a way that is biased towards provaxxers!"

If you have not yet realized, the doctors, nurses, assistant medical officers (MA) and everyone in the medical industry (except ALTERNATIVE medicine) are scums of the earth. We submit ourselves to the orders of WHO. And if you have not noticed yet, WHO is an establishment which is TOTALLY funded by big pharma. WHO develops nanochips that can penetrate human cells and CAUSE cancer and all sort of illnesses. Vaccination is a process to inject these nanochips that will infect millions of people and cause chaos. Mwaa Haa Haa....this is evil-er than Dr Evil!!!!

<This is where the sarcasm ends>

The above are some of the accusations that have been hurled at (conventional) medical staff since the advent of social media.


So, it comes as a surprise when Pseudoscience Watch highlighted this issue:

To those uninitiated, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes it compulsory for pilgrims from other countries to get vaccinated prior to Haj or Umrah. This policy was formulated to protect other pilgrims from all over the world from major healthcare issues, especially in the spread of potentially life threatening communicable disease. You can say all you want about the Saudi Arabian government but they ARE the guardian of Mecca.

So, what do you do when you are TOTALLY against vaccination but want to go for Umrah?
A. Get vaccinated
B. Don't go for Haj or Umrah at all
C. FORGE the travel documents

In this case, they chose C. They asked around for any doctors that are willing to write a letter to exempt their child from getting vaccinated but NO DOCTOR in their right mind would do it. So, they go a bit more UNDERGROUND.

Get a rogue doctor to sign the travel document stating that they have vaccinated their child despite NOT GETTING THE VACCINATION!

Is this considered as tipu sunat or is this outright UNETHICAL.

Mana pergi nya ilmu - ilmu agama? 
Mana pergi semua tuduhan melampau kata petugas kesihatan haram jadah?

Word has it, investigations are underway to prosecute the doctor involved. Incidents like this can severely damage the credibility of Malaysian doctors who are entrusted to ensure the policies are adhered to.

If the child develops meningitis in Mecca and the Saudi government found out that the child was not vaccinated, will the Saudis trust the Malaysian medical profession?

If they change their policy and refuse to let Malaysians enter Saudi Arabia for Haj and Umrah because of this one incident, it will effect millions of makciks and pakciks who saved money all their lives to go for Haj and Umrah.

I have just one thing to say. These people are SELFISH.


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