Anti Vaxxers were true about POLIO!

8:59 AM

After doing some reading on the Internet (where else?!), I have to admit that I have been wrong all this while. No matter how much the medical fraternity denies it, the truth is out there. The conspiracy theories that anti vaxxers have been trying to push IS REAL!

The POLIO VACCINE is a conspiracy to shut down the company that produced the IRON LUNG! If Jonas Salk never developed the polio vaccine in the 1950s, the iron lung would still be produced until this day. Look at us now! I have studied medicine for so long and worked as a doctor all this while and I have NEVER seen an Iron Lung. Have you? Kesian all those people who were put out of work. They could have passed on their expertise in building these magnificent machines.

Imagine a room full of Iron Lungs. A room full of poliomyelitis patients.
Did I mention that Jonas Salk was an American Jew? Imagine all those propaganda they put into each drop of polio vaccine?! It will make people stupid you know? Even the N 95 mask is not spared. If you put it up on your head for NO APPARENT REASON, it will instantly turn you into Kyle Broflovski of South Park (he's Jewish by the way)!

Not sure siapa yang bodoh
Kyle Broflovski

OK la, enough with the sarcasm and non sense. I saw a screen grab from The Spudd recently and it prompted me to write a bit on the Polio vaccine.

The first sentence is very worrying. 

MOST, if not ALL cases of polio are very MILD in clinical nature. 

Maybe they have never heard of Martha Mason. She was afflicted with Poliomyelitis at the age of 11, during the 1948 polio epidemic in the US. The disease left her paralyzed. She required the Iron Lung to help her breath. She spent SIXTY ONE (61) years in an iron lung!

Yes, not all individuals infected by the polio virus will become paralyzed. But the risk of paralysis should be enough to consider vaccination. Malaysians are very fortunate that we managed to eradicate poliomyelitis. The last time I saw a person with poliomyelitis was during medical school. Even if I encountered a person infected with polio today, I am not sure if I can make the diagnosis. 
Mainly because:
1. The sign and symptoms is too general
2. There has not been a case of poliomyelitis for so long
3. I assume that EVERYONE received the vaccine. Even if unvacccinated, herd immunity will play it's role.

However, by the look of things, our herd immunity might have already collapsed. According to World Health Organization facts, there is NO CURE for polio, it can only be PREVENTED by immunization.

Public health involves each individual in the community, not just the health staff. Consider this as my effort to educate the public, albeit in a very weird, sarcastic way. You know, what people like to call SENTAPAN MINDA....mohon sentap.


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