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10:08 AM

The haze is back again. It has been a yearly affair for us Malaysians, perhaps the whole of South East Asia. Every year, it's the same culprits. This year seems to be particularly bad. Even after a night of heavy rain, the haze did not seem to subside.

Somewhere behind that smog is a hill
I was outdoors at 5 pm today, lining up for a few cups of Coffee King (which seems to be the craze now). I was out there for barely 20 minutes and I can already feel a bit short of breath and my eyes on fire. It's definitely not a good idea for an asthmatic to be out in the open. I could sense that in the next few days, hospital admissions for exacerbation of asthma will skyrocket.

People still lining up for a cuppa in this weather
This is my preparation kit for the haze season, especially for asthmatics.

MOfrust Haze Kit

1. Inhaler

If you happen to be one of those asthmatics who default on your medications, this is the time for you to korek all your stuff and find out where you put your inhalers. NOW is a good time to be compliant to your MDI budesonide. It will help prevent a full blown asthma attack. Keep your MDI salbutamol in your pocket as back up as well. I happen to use a symbicort which I think is a good drug (I'm not getting any commissions here).

2. Artificial tears

All that ash particles in the thick smog can really burn your eyes. It can get very irritating. Keep some artificial tears handy to lubricate and soothe your eyes. Try and find the ones in ampules like this as  they usually do not contain preservatives. Do take note that some government health clinics have run out of artificial tears and saline drops. Do look out for it at local pharmacies.

3. Face mask 

Use any face mask you can get your hands on. The ones I use to dress up as MOfrust seem to be doing a good job and they are rather stylish. Its actually used for cycling but it gets the job done.

There IS another type of mask I would like to try though. It looks rather stylish and seems very economical.

At first glance it looks like an IV drip connector with one end connected to the nose while the other end is connected to NOTHING! But, takkan la kan?! Masuk TV and all. For sure the producers and directors have consulted with someone in the medical field. Must be some new high end product. It's cheap to produce. Handy. And can provide UNLIMITED 100% OXYGEN SUPPLY. Or, it could have something to do with this 'ingenious' innovation The Face Collar Mask.

Anyways, take care of your health everyone. And don't forget rain or shine, haze or not; it is still DENGUE SEASON. So be careful.


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  1. Aku ingat lagi tahun 1997 or 1998 aku kena teruk kesan haze. Mata merah macam hantu. Kit no dua tu aku harap berkesan untuk jerebu di Malaya.
    Sini gelap juga, berkabus, sebab nak masuk fall. Nak matahariiiiiiiiiii !!!

  2. What's your opinion of immune modulators to manage the reaction? There are some natural products on the market, if you've heard of them. I've had patients who suggested some of these for my other patients.


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