Sleep well Aylan Kurdi

7:17 AM

I wept at the sight of this image. It's an image of the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi. His body was washed ashore in Turkey after the boat he was in capsized out at sea. He perished with 12 others while trying to flee his war torn country, Syria.

It was emotional for me to see this as Aylan Kurdi reminds me so much of my own two year old son. His hair is almost the same, and my son sleeps in the same position too. Just look at his nice red shirt, blue shorts and shoes. his father might have dressed him up nicely and told him; "You better where some nice clothes my boy. We're going to better place". Little would the father have realized that Aylan will really be going to a better place...just not in this world. 

I am not in a position of power to change the policies of EU nations towards refugees. Accepting all the refugees may not be the ultimate solution.
I am not able to convince the Arab Nations to contribute in helping out fellow Muslims. I am sure their citizens can't do much about the policies made by their leaders.
I am not able to contribute much financially to help the refugees.

What I can do is write. No leader may read this blog. But hopefully, by writing this it will inspire someone in the position of power to find a solution to help the refugees.

Sleep well Aylan Kurdi. You are in a better place.


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