Burning fetuses!

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Call me a paranoid but I have a feeling there is a movement out there to create fear and distrust among the public towards hospitals and Western medicine. Remember the epidural predicament? Some random person posted about 'her experience' suffering from 'side effects' of epidural only to later give out a statement that it was not her but just a story to 'inspire' others to make informed decisions before undergoing epidural.

This time around, another RANDOM story was featured on a site.

According to the 'story', a lady had a missed miscarriage and was admitted to a hospital. She had to undergo induction to enable her to completely expel the fetus from her womb. To her surprise, she was not able to bring home her fetus to carry out the proper burial rites. She was told that SHE CANNOT bring the fetus home because ALL fetuses or products of conception (POC) will be sent to incinerator. According to the attending doctor; it was the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE to burn (bakar) all POCs.

Just like all other articles featuring baseless accusations, details are scarce. Where did this occur? Which hospital have this SOP? When did it occur? Did anyone lodged a formal complain? Pardon my outdated knowledge, but the last time I handled cases of miscarriage, we do allow the would be parents to bring home the dead fetus. I am sure, this practice have not changed.

Surprisingly, most of the reader's comments dismissed it as false accusations. Some even relayed their most recent experiences in the hospital whereby their miscarriage was handled in the most professional and compassionate manner.

I wouldn't be surprised if the writer suddenly makes a shocking revelation that it was not her own story but just 'to highlight a patient's rights'.

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