As the nation faces uncertainties, this IS a NOBLE PROFESSION

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<Details of the case has been altered to avoid any privacy and confidentiality issues. Please focus on the issues highlighted.>

It's 4.45 p.m. Suddenly the nurse calls from the MCH clinic. A lady was brought in by ambulance. She was unbooked (never seen by any doctor for the current pregnancy) and unsure of date. She was in labor. Her os was already dilated 2 cm and her contractions were getting stronger.

Questions ran through my head. It's fifteen minutes to punch out and I had to pick the kids from school.

"Why did she come at this hour? There's only fifteen minutes left!"
"It's not her first child. Why did she not come to the clinic to get herself checked?"
"Why call the ambulance? Why can't she just go straight to the labor room?"
"Takkan la tak tau dia ni mengandung?"

It's easy too judge. In fact the most difficult part about being a medical staff is to NOT JUDGE A PERSON.

Her Story

She lived in a rather remote area with her husband. Both husband and wife were originally from a different state. They did not have any close relatives nearby. The husband works as a security guard. He's in his 60s but goes to work as often as he can by motorcycle. He does all the overtime he can to support the family. This meant that most of the time he is not at home, leaving the wife to take care of their child.

No one was able to take her to see the doctor. She didn't really have any one to help her. Fortunately, on this particular day a neighbor lent her a phone to call the ambulance. She was in pain at home with her active 3 year old child running around. Since the paramedics attending to her did not have the necessary skills to manage a pregnant lady in labor, they stopped at my clinic to get a proper assessment.

My staff and I could have blurted out something nasty to her for taking away our precious time from our loved ones. But NO. This lady needed our help. Her family needed help. This is the reason why I became a doctor. This is the reason why my nurse became a nurse. To HELP THE NEEDY. At this point nothing else mattered. The only thing that mattered was the patient delivers safely in a hospital environment. At that point there was no way I can determine the exact gestational period. With the help of my nurses, paramedics and ambulance driver, we managed to get the patient to the hospital in time. Meanwhile her 3 year old child was taken care by my nurse at the staff quarters.

Why did I bring up this story now?

Our nation is facing a difficult time. While most of us deal with issues such as GST, the ever increasing cost of living and cases of corruption from the comfort of our homes, there are some members of the society who are facing these challenges head on. As the saying goes;

Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang.

They can't even afford a phone. Can't afford to go to the nearest clinic. They can't even afford to be sick. I have met countless security guards in their 60s who would decline an MC even though they are truly sick. The main reason is because if they don't work, they won't be able to get overtime allowances. They really needed the money. I doubt BR1M can help. I doubt that the government's investments arms can help.

It is final (professional) exam season for some local medical schools this month. I wish these medical students all the best. I do not wish for them to become an MOfrust in the future, but I do want them to remember this story. I want them to remember that despite some hardships in this medical field, it is still a noble profession. In this profession, we can really help the needy. We might have superiors who does things that are morally wrong. We might have issues with the bosses who lepas tangan. But remember this; HELP OTHERS AND YOU WILL REAP THE REWARDS.

The rewards will come later when you least expect it. Ikhlaskan hati. We are in the position to help those in need. We might not have the financial resources but we have other ways to help them. Refer them to the Welfare Department. Ensure that they get proper follow ups. Try and visit their homes to understand their hardships. Support them morally by spending time to talk and give honest advice. Even if you don't get any rewards in any physical form, trust me that warm fuzzy feeling you get by successfully helping others is good enough.

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  1. I have had a patient who has oa both knees and ambulate via wheelchair. She kept missing her tca smp i tegur dia. The next tca she didnt come only son came to get the meds. Tnya tanya baru la son kata actually every time tca he pushed his mom on the wheelchair all the way from home. I went to see the house, it took me 10 mins to reach the house. Imagine brp lama diorg dtg dgn panasnya lagi huhu. Insaff


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