Now Everyone Can Treat Themselves

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Have you heard this tagline?

Now Everyone Can Fly

Tony Fernandes made all that possible with Air Asia. Now, what do you think about this tagline?

Now Everyone Can Treat Themselves

The Spudd Magazine

A large tertiary center in Sydney, Australia has decided to provide a no frills option for their hospital. They will REPLACE all doctors with parents who have done their research. Imagine how much cost the hospital can save?! 

Who needs doctors in the hospital? They are paid thousands of dollars per month to do almost nothing! The parents are the ones who should be paid. The parents are the ones who spent thousands of hours on the internet reading about illnesses and their treatments. They deserve to be reimbursed for all that data usage. Top up sekarang mahal tau! This is a great initiative. Very innovative I must say.

Parents can just go into the hospital with their kids. Check in and out whenever they want.  They can choose to vaccinate or not. No need to hear the doctors pot pet pot pet explaining about vaccination. They can choose any drugs and herbs they want by just referring to the internet for the exact doses, indications and contraindications. Maybe the hospital should also provide different types of water on standby; alkaline water, acidic water, air AGUNG and air anai anai yang makan 22 Juzuk. They can write and sign their own MC as well. No need to marah marah and use derogatory racial comments to refer to doctors who DO NOT GIVE MC.

But WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. Before you click that share button, this piece of news is probably a TROLL. JANGAN PERCAYA. But it does make one wonder; IS IT POSSIBLE?...Maybe Tan Sri Tony Fernandes can try come up with a workable model. 

Anyways, now I found a nice website to chill and have a laugh or two. The contents in The Spudd Magazine: A Non Award Winning Source of Health News for Over 0 Years are quite hilarious. 

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