Epidural predicament

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When a doctor says something like:

"You shouldn't believe all these hearsay from people who only obtained a certificate after a few months course. The consultant obstetrician has years of experience."

A few people will say:

"Don't be EGO doctor. Knowledge is everywhere!"

"Doktor ni dah jadi agen Yahudi."

"This is all a conspiracy to reduce the population of ____________(insert race and religion in the blank space)."

But what happens if someone cooked up a story from somewhere and post it up online. There were no specific details of the story. The facts stated were questionable. And it gets shared by hundreds and thousands of naive people. Yang ni agen mana pulak? 

The contents in the viral post fuels the fear of the general public towards lumbar puncture, spinal and epidural anaesthesia. This is despite being explained by the attending doctor on the risks, the anatomical structure, the indications and potential risks of the procedure. 

To a medical doctor, there seems to be a lot of loopholes in the story. How come she can't remember anything about the procedure or getting a consent but yet she remembers it being really painful. Why was there no home visits by the nurse? The swelling or complications might have been detected then. Then, there is the part which stated that epidural was given by (I presume) houseman. By right there was to be an MO guiding him.

Then, AMAZINGLY an update was issued by the same 'author'.

Well, well. Ambil iktibar dari sesuatu yang tak pasti kesahihan nya. Is this some sort of systematic attack on the health system? Anyways, yes kita doakan wanita ini cepat sembuh. Doakan juga that those who BELIEVE in this will get some sort of enlightenment that NOT EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK can be trusted.

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  2. just to share:http://muhajirinstore.blogspot.com/2015/06/kelahiran-alami-atau-kaedah-kelahiran.html.

    kena menuntut ilmu agar tidak menjadi manusia yang malas mencari ilmu.


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