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I posted this in my status today:

Kisah seram di pagi hari:

Tatkala dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja, terdengar bisikan dari tempat duduk belakang kereta. Bulu roma dah mula meremang. Orang kata memang tempat laluan tu 'keras' sikit.  Aku cuba pandang ke belakang menggunakan cermin; tiada siapa siapa pula di belakang. Adakah bisikan dari alam lain cuba menyampaikan sesuatu? Aku cuba fokus lagi....Yoooosssoooofff Taiyyyooobbb.

Baru ku sedar, rupanya iklan kurma madu Yusof Taiyub. Hanya satu saja maksud tersirat; bulan Ramadhan dah dekat. Sekian.

Its a rather lame joke. But ok what! It's not like I'm trying to win Raja Lawak. I WANT TO WIN Maharaja Lawak Mega Block Buster Super instead!

Well, Ramadhan is around the corner. Muslims in Malaysia will begin fasting on Thursday, 18th June 2015. Ramadan brings back a lot of sweet memories while working as a HO in Taiping Hospital. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't all that difficult working during the fasting month. First of all, there wasn't much time to have any meal while working as a houseman (as least back in those days). Most important of all, it is the time when you will see the team spirit among houseman at its very best...provided that you are a team player yourself.

Mention KELAPA LEMON to any HO from Taiping from my era, and they will be mengigau in the middle of the night saying "Nak kelapa lemon, nak kelapa lemon!". It is only sold at the Bazar Ramadhan near Taiping Wet Market. The gerai at the end of the bazar. Corner lot, you won't miss it! As simple as it may sound, this kelapa lemon is very unique. The taste is incomparable. I've tried other kelapa lemon from other states and it just doesn't taste the same. 

During on calls in the wards or shifts in ED, HOs would send one or two representatives to get kelapa lemon while the other HOs will help cover the ward work and attend patients. If the HO reps don't mind, they will be asked to go to the paling best bazar Ramadhan in Taiping. The one in Kamunting, which is like really far (by Taiping standards). The food there memang first class. There's so much food there to choose that sometimes I don't even know which one to buy! 

The HO reps will come back with tons of plastic bags with food for five to ten people. You may think that these are just Muslim HOs banding together for berbuka, but EVERYONE eats together. Everyone that can berbuka will berbuka. Regardless of race or religion. If can eat, we eat together. But my colleagues then, do make a point to let the Muslims berbuka first while they attend to urgent cases.

Aahhhhh....the good old days. I miss the Taiping HO guys. This is a song for you guys :)

I'm sure most doctors can relate to this experience. Do share your experiences on MOfrust's Facebook page. Mana tau boleh share tempat buka best for the juniors to go. I'll end this entry by seeking forgiveness from my readers if ada terkasar bahasa or tersinggung with any of my blog entries. Wish you all the best. Ramadhan Mubarak.

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