Doctor who? SIUT what?

5:40 PM

At a health promotion event:

Pakcik kena jaga pemakan. Elakkan ambil garam dan gula berlebihan. Contohnya air berkabonat macam Coke dan Sprite tu. Banyak gula dalam tu. Kalau banyak sangat ambil nanti boleh kena kencing manis. Bila kencing manis tak saring awal awal dan tak terkawal boleh dapat KEROSAKAN BUAH PINGGANG, hilang deria rasa dan mudah untuk dapat serangan jantung.
Nanti pakcik ambil brochure ni dan kongsikan dengan rakan rakan dan keluarga pakcik ye.

Now, guess how many pakciks that listened to this advice actually shared this knowledge with his family and friends? Most would just leave the brochure somewhere else. All the details can be found in the Kesedaran Mengenai Kencing Manis brochure. INCLUDING the references!

At home while browsing the smartphone:

Doktor Kanye Westlife, ketua unit STOK SIUT Hospital Awam Kerajaan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur yang merupakan seorang pakar buah pinggang terkemuka telah merayu supaya tidak meminum minuman sejuk seperti Coke dan Sprite kerana gas yang telah diminum akan masuk terus ke buah pinggang dan menyebabkan gas dipenuhi gas dan tidak lagi berfungsi.
Sila forward ke rakan dan ahli keluarga yang anda sayangi.

Wah! This is breaking news. I have to share this as much as possible. How come no one informed me?!

For the past 24 hours, I received at least 4 messages in my Whatsapp.

Who is Dr Fazly Sanusi? Dear Dr Fazly, if you read this do contact me for me to get some clarification, please. I still have no idea which department is SIUT. I have heard of STOCK SIUT but that is a word used by school students in the 90's. An example of its use is hebat la hang ni (stok) siut! 

Just a random search on Google reveals nothing much except quite a few local blogs posting the same thing on their page.

OK la. I guess its not entirely a bluff.

Minum air gas > buah pinggang gagal berfungsi

Instead of 

Drink carbonated drinks with high sugar content > get diabetes > poorly controlled > multi organ damage

So, yeah. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks. Just drink plain water. No need to drink alkaline water or air bacaan 30 juzuk that costs RM 15 a bottle. Quran tu lebih afdhal kalau baca sendiri.

To the person who initially wrote that message to be shared by everyone, KIPIDAP. If you DONGIBAP you can one day open up your own medical school.

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  3. doktor fazly sanusi siooooottt hahaha

  4. Mok, actually the SIUT organisation does exist. It is in Karachi, Pakistan. Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. This is a major tranplant center in Pakistan, and they have served more than, 40 years of services/

    I found this on Al-Jazeera,

    recently uploaded


  5. Yep, SIUT is Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant. Fazly Sanusi is not a doctor. Can check with MMC.

  6. I found another nephrologist, dr fazle instead... �� check this out...

  7. I found another nephrologist, dr fazle instead... �� check this out...


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