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I received an email from a certain MObored (bukan nama sebenar) last week.

Hi MOfrust.
I need your opinion on something. I've been working at a private hospital doing general medicine for the past 5 years. No masters degree or papers. I've been feeling rather bored with work for the past few months. I love my patients but I have the urge to walk out of the hospital and never come back.

These were not his exact words...can't just copy paste, meh. Need to maintain confidentiality. But I did get a consent to write this entry based on his story.

Dear MObored, you are not the only one having this same feeling. I am sure many medical doctors out there feel the same way. There are many reasons for this predicament:

1. I tried so many times to get into a masters program that I just gave up.
2. I'm not interested to continue studies but medicine is all I know.
3. Family/Financial/All sorts of commitments does not allow me to further studies.
4. I never wanted to be a doctor in the first place. Now I have to make do with this degree that I have to earn a decent living.

So? What to do? The best advice for me is:

Live your life as a journey, instead of trying to reach a destination 

I get demotivated as well sometimes. I see my colleagues getting into a masters program, pursuing their dreams to become a specialist. While I am sitting around in a klinik kesihatan. What's worse, some people discredit MOs in klinik kesihatan as being doctors without any aim or objective. People consider those in klinik kesihatan as:

Jack of all trades, master of none

I can sit in a corner and think about this all day long and fall into the deep ravines of depression, but I choose not to. Why?

Otai readers of my blog might have a remembered how I was kind of rebellious earlier on. Wanting to quit and all. But as time goes by, I was more tame. It doesn't really matter whether I am in private practice or bonded with the government. I have come to realize that my life is more that just doing medicine. There is more to life than chasing to become a specialist. 

Have you heard about the medical graduate who didn't go through HOship and instead focused on finances? He now gives talk about investments and is starting to invest overseas.

How about the doctor who is able to do detailed analysis on a property project and can predict whether that area is a good investment or not.

Then, there is a medical graduate who didn't become a doctor but open up a successful IT shop.

Oh, there's also a doctor who became a CEO of Bursa listed company.

Back to my advice;

DO NOT quit yet. If you still love seeing patients, just continue doing your job. In your spare time, seek out doing other things. There are quite a few NGO groups seeking volunteers to help the community. Yesterday, a team from IMARET went to Sabah to provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) to those affected by the earthquake. A few other NGOs will also be making their way to immigration detention centers to provide some medical relief for the refugees.

You can also join business and investment groups that are popping out everywhere. You do not need be in the business, just be in their company (not company company, but lepak). Do stay away from scammers though (read: Investors You Should Run Away From). Attend, some of the forums. Get some ideas from people from other fields.

Last but not least,WRITE. Write a blog. Write a book. If you're creative enough draw like One Pint Normal Saline. Writing is quite therapeutic. It allows you to explore your inner self and values. Just stay clear of obscenities as it will only paint a bad picture of yourself. When I started blogging, I never thought people would actually read it. Now look at what it has become!

Hope this helps MObored. Rest assured, you are not alone.

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  1. Am sailing in the similar boat (but mine is still proudly sailing!!!), am a senior UD54 serving in radiology dept gov hospital. Am loving every minute of my job n my career...with its tremendous ups n downs,though. what u love doing and u will be loved by what u hv done!!! Lets sail through...✌✌✌

  2. As you look back on ur life you will realize that everytime u get rejected from something good:ur actually being redirected to something better.u must convince ur heart that watever Allah has decreed is most appropriate and most beneficial to u...


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