The beginning of the end of HERD IMMUNITY

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"I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump. My mum always say; life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

                                                                                                                                 Forrest Gump

Well Forrest, it seems that  we ain't got no boxes of chocolates. Instead, we have a Pandora's Box being opened bit by bit. And when it does open, ain't no place you can run to's worldwide!

Recently there was a circular being shared among medical doctors. It was a statement released in March 2015 by (most likely) Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Selangor. It was regarding the increasing incidence of Pertussis cases in Selangor.

The salient points are:
1. There were 161 cases of Pertussis recorded in 2014.
2. There were 32 cases so far in 2015.
3. There is a THREE FOLD increase from last year's statistics (for the same period).
4. 85% of those infected were less than 18 months old.

By right Pertussis should be preventable with vaccination....

An infant with Pertussis

Syabas, have played it well anti vaxxers. Thank you for protecting the citizens of Malaysia from Yahudi laknat, Iluminati, harmful chemicals in vaccine and drug companies. Those kids that suffered unnecessarily from Pertussis were just 'collateral damage' right? It doesn't matter what studies have shown. The best resource is not from journals and clinical studies but from Google and Facebook right?

It looks like there are dark days ahead. I wouldn't be surprised if other states have similar trends. In fact the collapse of herd immunity is happening worldwide! There are too many 'smart' people out there that will always rebut what doctors say. If only we can just let them be. But as doctors, the first rule is: DO NO HARM. 

Some of the popular statements are:

1. Mak datuk nenek saya dulu elok je tak cucuk cucuk (mak nenek awak dulu tau ke ada orang mati sebab Pertussis kat kampung sebelah?)

2. Two of my other children didn't get their jabs....elok je (during their time, the heard immunity was stronger)

3. Did you know vaccines contain arsenic, mercury and all sorts of harmful chemicals?!...while puffing a cigarette.

4. I don't want my son to be influenced by Yahudi! I am a religious man. Doktor jangan jadi_________ (insert vulgar language). (You should watch your language before preaching about religion!)

5. Ini anak saya, hak saya untuk jaga. (Isn't sad to see a child suffer due to the stupidity of their parents). 

Yes, memang ini anak awak. If anak awak and awak live in a jungle far away from civilization, there might be no problem. You won't be easily infected by Pertussis, Measles and Polio. You may die of Malaria though, but that's a different story/ Since humans are SOCIAL BEINGS; requiring interaction with others, when your child gets infected it might effect the whole community. This is called HERD IMMUNITY. I find it a bit difficult to explain herd immunity without drawing a diagram but this explanation by Professor Ian Frazer is quite easy to understand.

I have no solutions with regards to the breakdown of our herd immunity. I wouldn't be surprised if Polio haunts us again in the future. There are just too many conspiracy theorist out there. Whatever that comes out from a doctors mouth is AGENDA YAHUDI. The only accepted form of treatment for them is MC (medical certificate) and medical report to get claims.

To my colleagues in primary healthcare and emergency department, let's revise our knowledge on the presentations of Pertussis. It used to be quite rare. To be honest, I've only seen two during housemanship and as an ED MO. But that might change. It is important to recognize it early and provide appropriate medical treatment.

***I might be bombarded by anti vaxxers group. If the comments are too emotional or filled with expletives, I will delete them.


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  1. Spread the word... Sound the alarms.. Fight those idiots... Don't worry... We have your back 😉

  2. Spread the word... Sound the alarms.. Fight those idiots... Don't worry... We have your back 😉

  3. Please comment on John Gray's (if Im not mistaken his name) books. Quite an influence

  4. Jerry D Grey has no medical background, I wonder how he write all those medical stuffs and people still believe him

  5. Boleh tak bagi link untuk pertusiss di malaysia dr 2000-2015..

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