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There's been something I have always wanted to say out loud. It's a secret that I have held on for so long. In conjunction with getting my ONE MILLION visitors this month, I will reveal my secret today. This is an exclusive expose for my readers.

I am, and will always be a PRO-CHOICER.

iCHOOSE to let my wife go for antenatal checkups during her pregnancy (with her consent).

iCHOOSE to let her screen for diabetes (DM) and hypertension in pregnancy (with her consent).

iCHOOSE to know the effects of undiagnosed DM and eclampsia that can harm my wife and her fetus.

iCHOOSE to let her go through as natural a birth as possible in an environment that I truly believe is safe; the hospital (with her consent).

iCHOOSE to let her be evaluated by a doctor during her labor (with her consent). This includes periodic vaginal examinations and measurement of her vital signs. I truly believe these are necessary steps to ensure that any untoward incidents can be detected early and managed in the most professional manner.

iCHOOSE to be by my wife's side during her labor. Listening to my baby's heart beat via the CTG machine gives me some assurance that my baby is safe.

iCHOOSE to let my wife be injected with pitocin (with her consent). I don't want my kids to have to live a life without their loving mother by their side. Seeing FOUR past patients with post partum hemorrhage (with DIVC) is enough to make me worry for my wife.

iCHOOSE to appreciate ladies who have gone through labor. The risk and effort it takes to go through pregnancy and labor is tremendous. The least men can do is to love and appreciate them for their sacrifices

iCHOOSE to let my kids run around outdoors. Get some scratches. Get a bit of a flu. I know that this will boost their immune system.

iCHOOSE for my kids to be vaccinated according to schedule. Even though I know that with exposure to the elements they will have some acquired immunity. Through experience and my studies, I don't want my kids to suffer from pertussis, smallpox and poliomyelitis.

iCHOOSE to support my wife to provide my kids with the best milk in the world; breast milk, for as long as she could.

iCHOOSE to only send my kids to nurseries and school which can ensure the herd immunity is preserved.

iCHOOSE to adequately hydrate myself throughout the day with NORMAL clean drinking water. I will stop short of drinking too much to prevent myself from getting water poisoning or electrolyte imbalance.

iCHOOSE to live a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that I get a balanced diet and adequate exercise. I will not fall victim to those who sell unproven supplements by using race and religion as their selling point.

iCHOOSE to only take antibiotics if indicated. I will not contribute to antibiotic resistance.

iCHOOSE to let lawyers be lawyers and pilots fly their planes. They are experts in their field and there are limitations to my scope of knowledge.

iCHOOSE not to trust people who base their knowledge on Google, Facebook and WhatsApp without referring to experts in the field.

iCHOOSE to preserve public health.


iCHOOSE to be MOfrust.

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  1. I choose to share this it very much..

  2. Replies
    1. 'kekebalan' melawan penyakit di kalangan masyarakat secara keseluruhan. Kalau ramai yang ada kekebalan terhadap sesuatu penyakit berjangkit, kuman yang menjangkiti mereka akan dimatikan oleh mereka (dengan mereka sendiri tidak akan merasa kesan jangkitan kuman tersebut atau hanya ada gejala ringan) dan mereka tidak akan menularkan/menjangkitkan orang lain dengan kuman penyakit tersebut.


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