How to be a POTATO

9:27 AM

I'm still amazed how this actually sounds. I can't believe what I just read. I initially wanted to start my sentence with;

Contrary to popular belief, you CANNOT become anything you want to be by just Googling it

Then, I just looked up Google for "How to become a potato"....and now I just have to swallow my pride. You CAN become anything you want to be on the Internet. In fact there ARE others who wants to be a potato as well. And there's a mate who wanted to be carrot as well!

Question on Yahoo Answers

Answer on Yahoo Answers

No wonder its so hard to convince some people. Why bother reading Guyton and Hall's Textbook of Physiology? You can have EVERYTHING at your finger tips. Just Ask Yahoo (or Google)!

Seriously?! What has the world become?!

DISCLAIMER: These people asking and answering questions in Yahoo Answers are probably trolling around. They might just be having some fun. But I know for a fact that some people do actually believe in whatever is being shared around.

Enough with being POTATOfrust. MOfrust is back. And a big THANK YOU to all my readers. has reached the ONE MILLION mark!


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  1. Tahniah moks, dah satu juta!

    Baca kisah potatoes dan carrot tu macam sangat frustarting ja..kisah betoi ka? hahha

  2. ayat pertama yg turun adalah Iqra' (bacalah) so sebagai org islam plz read and gain knowledge (facts, charts, statistics, probabilities, research, bukan testimoni MLM maleis dungupiang yg menjual agama)..n oso use ur damn common sensela...cirit birit skit buatan org..rambut gugur 2 helai buatan org..kena lung cancer buatan org padahal isap rokok bkotak2..pastu gi bomoh..sampai bila la org islam akan dipandang hina kalo itu je yg dipercayainya..I have personally seen budak biliary atresia yg perut dh buncit, kulit kuning, malnourished gila babeng diberi susu tepung yg dijampi utk diminum..katanya 'dengan izin Allah sakit ni akan baik kalo minum susu ni' then..jom set up a jampi booth in every hospital and ask pts to drink Jampi water to cure watever diseases they have and dont forget to say 'dengan izin Allah sakit ni akan baik'..xpayah susah2 gi med school 6 tahun, HO 2 tahun MO 3 tahun, masters 4 tahun (thats 15yrs of sacrificing yourself n ur family to treat pts)..just jampi on anything and hey presto...sakit sembuh...tu la sebabnya non muslim x tertarik dgn islam..becoz org islam are so unscientific and likes hocus pocus n harry porter stuff (not all but nila setitik rosak susu satu baldi)..come on la Melayu2 dungupiang sekalian (u know who u r).. show the non muslims that islam is a very scientific religion and is valid in watever age/civilization...hecks even Prof Keith Moore (father of modern embryology) said that the way the Quran describes embryology is far superior n easier to understand compared to any other scholars including if org2 kapir yahudi laknat yg intelek mengakui byk penemuan2 penting perubatan dh lama ada dlm Quran so wat r we still doing with holy water, kemenyan, asap n whatsoever?


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