Doctors, put down your books and be a potato!

9:09 AM

Last week was pretty fulfilling for me, as a doctor. A diabetic patient came for his appointment and thanked me for starting him on basal insulin. He felt relieved and great that he managed to get his sugar under control. He doesn't feel as lethargic as he used to be. Then, I read about how my ex houseman was inspired to continue working at a run down klinik kesihatan with a mountain of stress factors. A young girl had told her;

Saya takkan lupa nama doktor seumur hidup!

My ex houseman had saved the young girl's life by resuscitating the child at her ill equipped clinic. The girl had Dengue fever in compensated shock. It is no easy feat to manage a pediatric patient with Dengue shock. I'm not sure how much she learned from me while I was her MO in ED but I felt privileged to have had a chance to work with her. You know who you are girl :)

But today, I just had to reach out for my phone and open my Facebook app...I really shouldn't have as it totally ruined my mood. Thank goodness there wasn't much patients after the lunch break.

So, you are saying that all that my colleagues and I have done are all rubbish? Is this some kind of Matrix movie and I am JUST a program?! 

If I read on "How to build a house" on the Internet, I can build a completely safe and structurally sound house? I wonder if that collapsed stadium in Terengganu was built by Dr Google graduates.

If that is the case, I can download and play flight simulator on my laptop and read "How to fly a plane" and you (referring to the person writing this comment) and ALL your friends will happily board my 2nd hand Airbus A380? Don't scare scare ye!

Well, looks like I've been an idiot all these years. I should just burn all my textbooks and my degree. Weh, my Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and TB update courses are USELESS!!!!! Oh no! I should have spend all that time surfing the Internet and be whatever I want to be! 

Oh well. I'll just be a potato then. Bye....


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  1. Not too worry. Many still want real doctors!

  2. Hahaha. One potato two potato.. me toooo. So tired being doctor oredy.. they just hate us.. they love qu puteh more than me.. sobs sobs

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You just can't be bothered so much sometimes xD

  4. Your are a good person Dr..helping people and sacrifice your time and everything just to help the had save people's live and dont ever give up and be extra strong !!..please dont be potato perhaps should turn to be truffles..xoxo

  5. personally i find it a waste of time reasoning with these people..tahap shared delusion dah depa ni..cuma nk mnjwb kdg2 tu sbb sesuka hati guna nama Allah as tho Islam advocates apa yg depa buat ni..

  6. any interesting msian pharmacist blog to recommend?

  7. These such things.. These words.. Aih.. Dont know what to say.. As one of a doctor.. Im just tired.. Im just sad.. Really just sad


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