THE FACE COLLAR MASK: The device for all your first aid needs

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Question 1:

As a paramedic, what do you do when you suspect an accident victim to have a spinal injury?

A. Put on a cervical collar to ensure adequate cervical protection and use a spinal board to transport the victim

B. Use a face mask to provide adequate oxygenation

C. Use a cervical collar on the face as a means to provide oxygen

D. Use a cervical collar to cover the face to cover malu

Question 2:

As a telemovie director what would you do if you want to play out a medical related scene:

A. Consult with paramedics or doctors with experience in the field

B. Consult your friends who watches Suamiku....... (fill in the blank) and have never seen House M.D or Grey's Anatomy

C. "I don't care, I am the director. I do what I want"

So what is YOUR answer?

The real question is; WHO DIRECTS these films? I can tell you that it can be a bit difficult to put on a cervical collar. It requires some skills and training to put it on properly. But to put it on the face instead of the neck? Maybe this is just a new device called:

THE FACE COLLAR MASK: Your first aid kit to cover malu!

A simple search on Google will show the various ways to put it on. Just make sure it is cervical SPINE instead of another'll get the wrong organ nanti!

But fret not my Malaysian friends. We are not alone. There are directors from other countries as well who directs a movie pakai hentam saja. Above is a endotracheal tube - nasal prong combo....let me correct that....its a long tube - nasal prong combo. This pic is a screen grab of a Taiwanese show. And let's not forget the scene from The Dark Knight Rises where Bruce Wayne miraculously recover from a pretty bad spinal injury. That was just rubbish as well. (the movie was still awesome!)

So far the best depiction of medical situations is still House M.D. It actually helped me visualize some medical pathologies better. The visualizations and animations really made me understand some topics better. I can assure you that the producers of House M.D. took the extra effort to make the series as realistic as possible.

Perhaps in the future, movie directors in Malaysia can get some proper advice from specialists in the respective fields.

I just love the intro. I still have this song as my ringtone.

Let me ask you another question:

I have diabetes mellitus and hypertension. It has been uncontrolled for the past 5 years and doctors tell me my kidneys are failing.

A. Follow the doctors advice and take medications accordingly to control my illness

B. Blame doctors for starting the medications in the first place

C. Spend another RM 1000 on miraculous water, magic pills and kerusi urut.

D. This is all Zionist propaganda out to destroy my kind. I refuse to bow to their schemes.

If you are a medical doctor, which answer does patients usually give you?

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  1. Lol, this is hillarious. Dulu pernah ada in one malay drama, a doctor showing x-ray films to his patient. Then he said, "I believe you might have leukemia." And i was left scratching my head.

  2. Yasmin Abdullah - chest x ray semestinya... LOL

  3. Indian movie ... holding wrist...You are pregnant to you got cancer to you got 3 months to live

  4. @dytia - yep, you are 100% correct! Hahaha.. I was like, come on la. At least do some basic research before you wrote the script. Haisss...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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