Is it SAFE to drink Vitagen?

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This screen grab of a Facebook post has been making its rounds on the social media lately. After asking around some of my colleagues from medical (internal medicine), there is a general consensus that:

There is NO correlation between cultured drinks (Vitagen, Solivite etc.) and leukemia (presumed to be kanser darah 

*no conclusive evidence

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What might have happened is, the mother might have MISinterpreted what the doctor said. The Lactobacillus in most cultured drinks will NOT activate cancer cells. In fact these bacteria may have some benefits in maintaining a good digestive tract (please read from other references). However, in an IMMUNOCOMPROMISED state (very weak immune system) such as in leukemia, AIDS and patients undergoing chemotherapy; the bacteria may flourish uncontrollably and cause severe infection (I am using oversimplified terms here. The pathophysiology is more complex).

The key word here is IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. Meaning; the person is NOT in a normal state of health. The body system cannot provide adequate protection against infection. Furthermore, doctors (and lab technicians) DO NOT send bone marrow (sum sum tulang) samples for bacteria culture (C+S). Cerobrospinal fluid yes, but NOT bone marrow. Please know the difference.

Cerebrospinal fluid

Bone marrow
What could have happened is, the child could have taken a cultured drink during the peak of his illness or chemotherapy which in turn caused septicemia which led to the death. This is only an assumption as this information is not available in the screen grab.

The loss of a child is never easy to handle. During the period of grief the mother can easily misinterpret whatever the doctor was explaining. I would like to offer my condolences to the family and pray that they stay strong.

However, as in any other forms of dietary advice, moderation is still of utmost importance. Although the bacteria contents may be good for you, do bear in mind that these drinks have HIGH sugar contents. You may not get leukemia, but if you gulp down 5 bottles of Vitagen a day, you might end up with diabetes instead.

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  1. diabetis. ha
    kena check balik mana culture drink yang kurang gula.
    nak tanya, sebenarnya culture drink ni betul2 bagus ke? atau indah khabar dari rupa?

  2. Firstly the article neither cited nor make reference to which doctors or experts actually put forth this claim. Secondly no scientific backing or proof was furnish as why these two drinks causes cancer and how. Nor are there any controlled tests to show whether those suffering from cancer have other factors that may result in them being more susceptible with no correlation to vitagen drinking, Lastly with so many miracle cures and danger warnings on facebook, anyone can cause any scare or hope without needing to furnish proof. More so when this is from a blog post with horrendous BM. Think we should stop sharing these nonsense unless there are adequate proof backed by scientific findings.

  3. My grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor refuse to drink any cultured drink. Bcs some people said it could "awaken" the cancer cells. I couldn't even -,-


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