Injected Alive!

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I also feel like kena suntik hidup hidup like this. In fact I think most of my colleagues, especially those in medical wards, would feel like their heart was stabbed multiple times with a Rambo knife. I really wonder why people continue to read this newspaper.

I saved you the trouble of going through much heartache (I don't even want to provide a link). Here are the contents:

1. A 14 years old TEENAGER was 'injected' (cucuk) alive! (hidup hidup) WITHOUT giving analgesic.

2. The TEENAGER was diagnosed in JULY 2014....NINE MONTHS ago! What is the relevance of it being published on 9 APRIL 2015

3. He had high grade fever and developed fits on day 3 of fever

4. CSF fluid was also taken (Lebih perit lagi air tulang belakang anaknya diambil....)

5. He was give RED GUAVA JUICE to recuperate

For a lay person what would come to mind after reading this article?

1. I DON'T want to be admitted for Dengue fever....takut!

2. Hospital staff tidak berperikemanusiaan

3. Drink red guava juice and you will be CURED of Dengue

Does it provide any benefit for the public in battling the Dengue menace? I really doubt it. A more proper headline should be:


I might need to brush up my knowledge on this, but it does sound like Dengue Encephalitis.

Dengue + Encephalitis --> Seizures

But please, correct me if I'm wrong. Whatever it is the family should be grateful that the teenager survived. The rate of Dengue death in Malaysia is alarming.


I do agree, when it comes to Dengue, do expect to be injected MANY times. The normal regime while in the ward would be FBC 6 hourly...depending on your general condition and hematocrit trend. Then, there is the hydration aspect. You need to be constantly hydrated, thus the normal saline drip. It is all for the WELL BEING of the patient....not to satisfy the housemen's thirst for blood!

Nak bius before a drawing blood is also not practical. Instead of just one time only cucuk, you'll get two cucuks. One for injecting a local analgesic and the other when drawing the blood. Isn't it better to just cucuk once and be done with it?

So, please stop reading this nonsense. Advice your family members to refrain from reading these local tabloids. IT GETS YOU NOWHERE! You can always read be warned that the contents can be comical and full of sarcasm some most of the time :)

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  1. Guess should put 2 lines from now on... 1 arterial and 1 venous. Saves the effort for QID FBCs.

    1. the arterial line will be EXCRUCIATINGLY painful

    2. Putting arterial line for patient in general ward will cause more harm than benefit. You should read about what happen if you are injecting drug using the arterial line..patient not only suffering of dengue magbe they will also losing their arm too. Ward setting is not safe for patient with arterial lines..high risk of accidental injecting drug to artline because of the nurses-patient ratio compare to icu setting.

  2. then next times, you will be sued if patient has congenital anomalies of ulnar artery. Got hand gangrene in general ward, coz staff not trained to take care or arterial line.

    1. better stay away from arterial lines unless in ICU

  3. Replies
    1. bahaya sebut mati ni. takde 'ong' nanti. maanyak 'sui'


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