Do you still want to smoke?

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I don't really have personal grudges against smokers. It's their choice really. An individual should NEVER be judged based on whether they smoke or not. I have friends who smoke but are really great individuals. Furthermore, some smokers really want to kick off the habit but just can't find the will to do so.

However, the rubbish that come out from SOME smokers mouth can be plain irritating (I am putting a lot of effort in highlighting SOME...NOT all smokers are like this!). Just last week I had an encounter with a father who is highly concerned with the health of his son. His son was having on an off cough for the past few days. No fever, but he could hear his son wheeze. After assessing the child, I decided to give some nebulized salbutamol for the child.

Father:       Tak nak la doktor. Takut ada efek kat anak saya nanti. Tak elok.

I could smell the scent of cigarette from a mile away. His lips were already dark with nicotine stains.

Me:            Ada orang merokok tak dekat rumah?

He nods his head with a guilty look.

Me:           Elok sangat ke merokok tu? Tak takut?

*****kriiik, kriiik, kriiik*****

A moment of silence and he proceeds to bring his son to the  procedure room. On a normal day, I wouldn't just blurt out something like this. But I had a headache that day and patient's cards were piling up. Furthermore, I have a soft spot for kids. It really gets on my nerves when kids suffer for their parents mistakes and kedegilan.

I couldn't really understand where these people's priorities are. Cigarette smoke has been proven to dramatically increase the risk of heart disease, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer but some people are more concerned about the temporary palpitations and tremors caused by salbutamol. Don't even get me started on patients who claims that anti hypertensives and diabetic medications cause their kidney function to fail but happily puff away their ciggies.

I remember some time back there was an article in the mainstream newspaper about cigarettes having filters made out of porcine blood. However, it didn't cause as much furor as the news about Cadbury chocolates having porcine DNA. I wonder why? Maybe there are big corporations involved? Yet doctors are still being blamed for being AGEN YAHUDI LAKNAT!

Furthermore for Muslims, the National Fatwa Council has already stated that smoking is HARAM. You can read more of it from

Of course, when doctors tell patients this some will say:

Doktor bukannya tau apa. Bukan ustaz pun. Tak tau Al Quran jangan cakap banyak!

Which I will answer back with:

Sebab saya tak tahu la saya kena berlandaskan keputusan ulama ulama yang pakar!

After my response, there will usually be a krrriiiik, krriiiik (the sound of crickets) moment.

To those whom are really keen to kick of the habit, please do so. If you need help, Ministry of Health has Stop Smoking Clinics all over Malaysia. Pay them a visit. Please utilize this service as much as you can.

Smoking does not only effect you. It effects everyone around you as well.

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  1. Entah lah sesetengah orang ni. Konon takut makan ubat sebab merosakkan badan la, banyak kimia lah, penyebab kanser lah, tak sedar pulak merokok hari-hari tu masukkan racun lagi berkesan memusnahkan diri dan orang lain.

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