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9:10 AM

Let's play a game boys and girls. Look at the picture below and find out what is wrong....

This must be an English or BM teacher's worst NIGHTMARE! This is not just ROJAK, its a spelling DISASTER . Juts look at all the spelling errors. Let's list down some of them:

LUEkemia, PSOArisis, menginGTIS, ENzema, SELulitis, TIBroid

I also have no idea why you need to treat carotid artery (arteri karotid). Maybe these people just had them removed. Which pretty much explains why they seem to have lost a few MILLION brain cells.

Carotid artery diagram from healthfavo.com
If you look even further, you may notice that this a recipe for DISASTER. This advertisement may look like rubbish to those of us who actually understand what a DNA is. But some people out there have no idea what it really is. They might have heard it somewhere before, but not really understand what a DNA is. Just look at the other examples out there such as the ECT-like machine which apparently can alter the DNA to make students smarter and some other water based miracle medicines. Furthermore, some of these quacks will sprinkle some religious remarks to make their products sell better. 

Changing a DNA make up is not as easy as drinking a MAGIC water!

There is still a lot of studies to be done. Its smaller than 60 nanometers! You just can't wear a cap and suddenly alter your DNA! Don't watch too much X-Men and Spiderman movies....but please tone down on the Suamiku dramas also.

I think there is a trend now to market quake products as being able to alter DNA (thanks to exposures by pages such as Pseudoscience Watch). DETOX-ing used to be very popular(remember that water detox rubbish?) but telah terkubur. Somehow people would still spend hundreds of Ringgit on something like this and yet complain about paying RM 1 at a government clinic to get Paracetamol, cough syrup, diabetes and hypertension medicine, annual blood test, X ray, M.C.........etc. 

WHY I NEED TO PAY RM 1? I pay tax la!

What can you do to prevent these unscrupulous quacks from ripping people off?
1. Monitor what your loved ones are buying and self medicating with
2.Check whether it is registered with the Ministry of Health. However these people will normally say; "Ini bukan ubat. Supplement je. Takde kaitan dengan KKM"
3. Lodge complaints with MOH if possible.
4. Just DON'T buy into their claims if they don't show SCIENTIFIC evidence.

Another option is to get our new superhero to do the job:

Good luck Cervical Collar Man! I wish you luck.

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