You read rubbish, you get rubbish

9:42 PM

I was walking along at the local pasar tani and saw the front page of today's KOSMO. Instead of something important and news worthy, it has a near full page picture of a man found at the side of the road after a few days being thrown off his motorcycle. What was depressing to me was the picture of the pakcik. He was in a filthy condition. He looked sick. At the side there was also a picture of the pakcik recovering in a hospital bed. Some may say that there is nothing wrong with displaying his picture.

"Ini cerita penting, semua orang patut tau"
"Pakcik tu dak bising apa pun, awat hang yang dok kalut?!"

Well, maybe I am different from others but I don't want to be front page news while in that condition. I wouldn't want my father to be pictured like that. I don't any of my loved ones to be seen like that. I still don't understand why people share around gory pictures of accident victims online. I tried to voice my concern on Whatsapp once but I got the same response as above.

If it was me, I would consider legal action. This is more pressing than some relatives and patients who threaten my staff with legal action for not registering a NON EMERGENCY CASE that did not bring any identification documents.

Mr A:        Anak saya (20 years old!) nak jumpa doktor.

Staff:         Minta IC encik

Mr A:        Dia tak bawak IC (and can't remember his IC number!). Daftar je la.

Staff:         Tak boleh encik, kita perlukan dokumen. Nak pastikan IC dan data semua betul.

Mr A:        Apa ini?  Kalau anak saya sakit macam nak mati macam mana?! (son is playing with his                     smartphone) ABANG SAYA LAWYER. Jaga la awak nanti!

This is what I got from my staff at Klinik 1 Malaysia. Konon orang besar tapi takde otak sangat. We need the documents to ascertain and verify the data. There could be more than one Ahmad Albab at any given place. Without the documents, my staff could have taken the wrong card and may mix up a person's allergy and past medical history. And if something bad happens, siapa yang kena? It will be the next day's frontpage of Sinar Hairan.

Hah, dah terlebih melalut dah! Anyways, you are what you read. Rubbish in, rubbish out. I haven't even mentioned Harian Metro's frontpage today. I don't want my children to ever read it. I don't have any control of what others read...but you can change what you and your immediate family members read.

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