Why The Need For Kelucahan Melampau?

9:03 AM

What do you make of this headline?

Kelucahan melampau? I think the reporter yang melampau. Terlampau nak orang baca kot? I don't think it is fair for the medical officer's name to be highlighted before he is proven to be guilty. They even highlighted where the doctor's kampung is! Is it that really appropriate? What if the doctor is proven to be innocent and acquitted later on. Will it not affect his future prospects? How will he face the kampung folks?

Even after going through the article, there was no such information to relate to the headline! What is kelucahan melampau? Don't tell me that you can't at least mention what happened other than "kejadian berlaku pada jam sekian sekian di wad sekian sekina". I remembered a while back, I had a hard time trying to explain to kids what liwat is. It was all over the news!

It's really hard to say what exactly happened. Some say that the MO was only trying to insert a urinary catheter. How to insert a catheter without handling the private parts? Maybe a robot like Chappie can do it. But let's not speculate. Let's wait for the end of the trial and see how it goes.

In the meantime, this incident is a good reminder to all doctors to make sure to have a chaperon every time we examine patients. Regardless of the gender. You will never know what will happen. You don't want to be accused of something that you did not do. Furthermore, it is a patient's basic right to have one.

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  1. Is it in the "ethics syllabus" for male to male examination requiring a chaperone?

    FYI I study medicine in India where it's medical ethics is quite 'different' from Malaysian practice.

  2. I believe 'kelucahan melampau' is the name for the penal code he accused for. Not something made up.

  3. the reason why doctors nowadays are not respected and have attitude problem is the rising number of private universities.."flunked ur SPM?still wanna become a doctor?parents rich?..no problem just come over to university AUSR/ECWY/KLSW and all other private unis with all the letters of the alphabet in them"..in the old days doctors are the cream of the cream of the country and most come from poor families..nowadays any tom dick/harry can become a doctor as long as they pass a very low minimum requirement and have the money..there are even HOs who are from art stream..Russian grads jgn terasa sgt...Part 2 is coming..have no time to berleter panjang..got a craniectomy to do...

    1. Thank you for your insight Mr Fadil. I do agree with you regarding the excess & some unaccredited private universities. However it still depends on each individual. I have seen Russian grads & grads for unheard of universities perform excellently as doctors. Meanwhile I have worked with some grads from renowned universities locally & abroad and some also drop out halfway during HO, perform procedures like they've never done in their life & go MIA.
      I would love to read your part 2.
      Thanks again & I am grateful to have an experienced doctor as a reader of my blog.

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