What REALLY happens in the hospital exposed [True Story]

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As an MO in a Klinik Kesihatan, it can get really difficult to persuade patients to be transferred to the emergency department for cases like acute appendicitis, Dengue fever or TRO ACS. ONE main issue patients usually have is:

"Hospital kerajaan banyak lama mau tunggu"

"Maaanyaak lama woh mau tunggu naik itu wad"

So, what is really happening? Are there any conspiracy theories behind it?
Do the hospital staffs have an unwritten rule? 

Make patients wait at the emergency department just for the sake of it so that they will 

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Breaking The Magician's Code Guy

......actually, One Pint Normal Saline sums it up rather completely with this artwork.

Those working in ED and MOs in charge of wards will understand. The waiting list to get admitted to the ward can be ridiculous. While in ED, I can see a patient in the first few hours of morning shift and see the same patient again, waiting for a bed, at 8 am the next day. Do bear in mind that food are not provided in the ED! So kesian if wait so long.

It is never anyone's intention to keep patients waiting. My staff and I will always push for patients to get admitted quickly to free up beds for newer admissions. That's why doctors tend to make sure only the ones who really need admission are admitted. We can't entertain:
1. I need to REST in the hospital to recuperate.
2. Please, there is NO ONE to take care of my mother at home.

We do feel kesian. But others need the much needed beds.

Below is how I imagine a medical MO would see in their heads at the end of their on call. Good luck managing Dengue guys!

If anyone knows any politicians out there please tell them this:


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  1. we do have new hosp in slgr. BUT TAK BUKAK BUKAK. how???? T___T

    1. That one have to ask big boss. We all ikan bilis only

    2. That one have to ask big boss. We all ikan bilis only

  2. Exactly! I'm on hospital bed while reading this. Clock in since 5 p.m but at 10.30 p.m. bru dpt katil. Last time bersalin di GH, I hv to lie down on strercher kat tepi2 walkway labor room for almost 2 hrs sblom dpt katil kat wad. Gigil2 minum milo sambil brg on stretcher. Apa nak buat. Takdir bersalin bln 10. Musim mengawan katanya... mmg labor room pack mcm pasor. But still I keep coming to GH sbb I know I can get the best treatment without berasa ragu2 yg depa ni only do it for money.

    1. Thank you for appreciating our efforts. Congratulations on your new baby... Saya doakan dia jadi anak yang soleh/solehah :)

    2. Thank you for appreciating our efforts. Congratulations on your new baby... Saya doakan dia jadi anak yang soleh/solehah :)

  3. Lol! Gabungan MOfrust and 1pintNS the best la, mmg menggambarkan the reality in Malaysian hospitals. Yes, we need more hospitals and to educate the public not to abuse A&E. Population makin banyak, hospital banyak tuuu je jugak, caj singgit je lak tu -_-

    1. Don't forget to like 1pintNS' page. I really love his work :)

    2. I empathise with MO Frustrating and his kin. But having been a HO, MO, GP, and Healthcare Administrator for the past 16 years, I think you have to be more mindful of the challenges facing the healthcare industry in Malaysia. Please remember that you are part of a delivery system which has been ranked the 3rd best in the world. Not many countries can boast of FREE and comprehensive healthcare for its people. Just because here are flaws in the system doesn't mean it's all screwed up. Open your eyes. At least now, Ada shift system. On call dapat Rm 120-150. Those days, on call RM 20 aje. Be thankful for what you have now. MOH and MMA have done a lot for young doctors. Memang waiting times are long. Memang beds tak cukup. But rather than complain and moan, maybe it's time you asked what can YOU do to change that. The Government 's kitty is not a bottomless pit. Wake up and smell the roses...

  4. we actually need a mechanism to free up bed faster.bcs our beds are clogged up.mcm here in uk they have bed meetings 6 times a day to see their performance in meeting 4 hrs wait prior to admission to the ward.obviously at certain time of the year the waiting time is longer but at least all the bed/ward manager knows how many beds they have at every given time and what is the demand like in a&e.they even know their cases in the ward although they are just nurses/paramedics.they know why patient are there for and what are the plans for them. some how there is no plans to open new hospitals in london and they work with the same capacity to cater f0r at least 17million british citizens and residents and that is not including millions tourist and immigrants.kalau ada hospital baru pun,bende sama je akan jadi nanti.macam dulu putrajaya masa awal2 kosong je.tp bile dah lama penuh sesak.mana2 hosp pun akan jd sesak jugak eventually kalau internal mechanism tu x ubah.

  5. Masalah ni semua takkan selesai selagi kementerian bagi budget yang sikit untuk MOH. Katil tak cukup, hospital tak cukup, staff tak cukup, duit tak cukup, etc. So what to do? Tun Dr M yang dulu doktor pun time dia jadi PM MOH tak diberi keutamaan, apatah lagi PM sekarang yang takde medical background. *sigh*

  6. It's not as simple as that. Budget healthcare is the second largest amongst all ministries. Bukan masalah tak cukup, but rather inefficient utilisation of resources. There's also an element of wastage, even from the patients. Ambik ubat sebulan For RM1, pastu either tak makan or dah hilang. Pastu, Get worse, and require more expensive treatment. Everybody has got a part to play. Just because it's virtually FREE, doesn't mean people don't have to take accountability for their own health...

  7. Welcome healthcare transformation plan 2015...


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