The Angin Part II

7:10 AM

I don't usually write more than one blog entry a day. Today, I will make an exception as it is too hard to resist. Judging from the more than 5000 hits today, the subject of ANGIN seems to be very popular. With great pleasure I introduce you the latest cause of angin....Bell's palsy.

Malaysians just love their Facebook. They have the latest smartphones with the fastest processors with LTE capabilities but they only install WhatApp, Facebook and Candy Crush. But they forgot the most important capability of their smartphone; the ability to use Google and access all sorts of important information. Just Google Bell's palsy and click on Wikipedia's link.

Nowhere does it state about WIND!!

The most interesting quote is:

ke jantung atau kena paru paru basah"

Who on earth is Dr. William? Why does he have an MBA instead of M.B.B.S. or M.D.? If like that, no one can makan angin for risk of air embolism!

It reminds me of this cartoon by One Pint Normal Saline.

Fluid overload because of kena hujan

Some of the 'clever' reasons patients give to cover their non compliance to management.

Enjoy your weekend. Jangan gelak kuat sangat, nanti masuk ANGIN!

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