If You Think Your Bahasa Is Good, You Don't Know ANGIN

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The SPM and STPM is out. Just like any other year, Malaysian newspapers will be filled with how parents feel frustrated that their kids are unable to enroll in their program of choice in public universities in the next few months. Just like any other year, the most popular program would be Medicine. The following picture can only be understood by most medical students and medical graduates.

However, one of the most interesting piece of news related to SPM was this:

She first came to Malaysia in 2007 and after 8 years, managed to SPEAK and SCORE BAHASA MALAYSIA! So what happened to the 10 to 30 year olds with blue identity cards, lived in Malaysia all their lives and never set foot outside Malaysia? Why do they only come to the clinic and manage to ONLY say;

"Saya tak tau Ma - La - Yu" 

They don't even bother to try speak broken Bahasa Malaysia. And yet some 80 years old aunties and uncles who had no chance of getting proper education can speak Bahasa Malaysia. You won't see Saaya Harada go to the clinic and say:

"Watashi, no speak-u Ma - Ra- Yuu"

Pardon my Japanese and no offence to the Japanese.

However, even if you do score Bahasa Malaysia in SPM, it doesn't guarantee that you will understand every word a patient says (not including all the loghats). ONE such example is ANGIN.


In simple direct translation, it would mean WIND. In Bahasa Malaysia medical language, it could mean EVERYTHING.

1. Dyspepsia (epigastric pain): "Doktor, saya ada angin kat sini...burrp"
2. Fractured wrist: "Saya terjatuh dengan mekanisme FOOSH tadi. Tapi angin je ni....krup krap (as he tries and urut) 
3. Hypertension: "BP saya 210/100 dan sakit kepala. Tapi angin je ni...tak pun gelombang sapce time saya tak kuat"
4. Uremia: "Bapak saya ni tak pergi dialysis sebulan dah. Dia muntah muntah dan suka cakap bukan bukan. Tapi saya rasa angin je tu"

Last but not least, acute coronary sydrome as told by a patient of mine last week.

"Makcik sakit dada kat belah sini (left chest) pukul 4 pagi tadi. Rasa ketat sangat. Sampai ke pipi ni makcik rasa sakit. Kuat sangat sakitnya sampai rasa pening. Lepas tu rasa sesak nafas. ANGIN ni doktor. Saya cuba makan ubat angin (gelusil) tapi tak hilang."

She kept repeating ANGIN, ANGIN, ANGIN. 

"Doktor bagi la saya ubat ANGIN"

I had to beg her to stop saying angin. I explained twice to her that it is something more sinister. At one point I just had it and grabbed her hand.


The moral of the story; ANGIN is dangerous. Do NOT dismiss angin as gastric. The patient may get a severe heart attack at home. Don't be drawn into a patient's preconceived idea of a disease. In this case I had to pay particular attention as she was 70 years old and was living alone in a kampung house. Her house is around 30 minutes to the nearest hospital. 

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  1. Soory yeesang, saya tak taw ma la yu

    cee naa dok terrr?

    1. This one I always get. I always tell them sikit boleh cakap pun jadi la!

  2. Makcik mmg buat sy jd angin...

  3. Nasib baik dokter pakai mask, saya sakit tak boleh tahan angin dokter!

  4. Nasib baik dokter pakai mask, saya sakit tak boleh tahan angin dokter!

  5. Hahah...bet u haven't come across "hong" (angin in hokkien)

  6. I haven't LOLed as much as I had while reading your explanation of HPT angin. Gelombang space time! Hahahahaha.. selamat x cakap, angin msk lps minum air ECPi.. hehehehe


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