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9:47 AM

As I was walking back to my car from a petrol kiosk. A ray of light caught the attention of my eye. It is a sinar harapan....NOT Sinar Harian ye! A familiar picture caught me by surprise. Macam pernah ku lihat ini tapi dimana ya?!

Its a picture of a girl reading a book while being hooked up to a time travel DNA thingy machine. I've seen this picture in Pseudoscience Watch. As I flipped through the pages, another familiar picture (albeit blurred). Its a picture of those EM doctors Sirs!


Why do I say sinar harapan? After my recent frustrations and loss of hope towards the local media (Sinar Hairan), this piece of expose on a mainstream media (New Straits Times) is a glimmer of hope on the capabilities of Malaysian journalists. I particularly liked how they approached REAL medical doctors on their thoughts and opinions on this issue. These journalists went as far as attending one of the organized courses by these quacks. Kudos to Farrah Naz Karim and Aliza Shah (NST journalists)!........I guess they should be now called Prof Emeritus Dr (EM) Sir Farrah and Aliza since they have 'graduated' from a ONE day course!

It is a good read and I suggest you go get a copy...oh wait, it's already midnight. Maybe can try cari tomorrow. Maybe a makcik will wrap her nasi lemak with that news article.

This is still just one small step though. The majority of the gullible ones read SH and HM which in my opinion can be full of rubbish. If we can get a Malay daily to publish something like this, it will be a major success.


One thing I still don't understand is how these quacks flourish? I heard some of my GP colleagues being penalized for not having doors that are according to specifications. They get the authorities knocking on their doors randomly checking whether they have done any mistakes. But what about these quacks? They have their own shop lots and time-shift-quantum-nonsense labs. But how come NO ONE goes knocking on their doors?! I just saw an Attitude Therapy shop on the way to work!

One possible explanation is diorang ada bela! They bela a penunggu*. Any authorities that show up will be santau-d and forgets everything about their wrong doing. There are other possibilities but I don't want to be seditious....

(This is just some crazy hypothesis. I am NOT accusing them of using Hantu)

*Penunggu is a supernatural being that takes care or guards their master's possessions.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for a course at a center near you! This is not a get rich scheme, this is a GOOD investment.

Spend RM 3,000
Spend ONE day for a class
Gain thousands in return by selling QUACK products

Those medical doctors know nothing about return of investment!

Spend HUNDRED THOUSANDS on tuition fees
Spend FIVE to SEVEN years studying
Another TWO years jadi hamba orang (HO)
A few more years doing some specialization
Get an OK salary

Apa lagi? Bertindak lah sekarang...klik !

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