What Is Happening With Us?!

9:09 AM

Important notice:

These are my own personal comments. The following entry is meant to be as NEUTRAL as possible. Please leave behind your doctor or pharmacist title out before proceeding to read this entry. If you do not wish to do so, please STOP here.

Much have been said lately on the issue of Dispensing Separation (DS). Most doctors reject DS while most pharmacist support the plan for DS. However, it has come to a point where it is mostly driven by emotions; who is more superior.

A picture like this will have TWO interpretations: (usually a picture of an unlabeled container without any indication of type of drugs and dosage)

"Apa la, this patient got these medications from the pharmacy at my kampung WITHOUT any prescriptions or labels."

"The clinic behind my pharmacy gave patients this unlabeled drugs for a patients to take. This is _____ (fill with a swear word)"

Meanwhile in a klinik kesihatan:   

"Pakcik beli ubat STRONG MAN ni dekat Pak Leman. Dia selalu bukak gerai dekat pasar tani tu."

Does these scenarios happen? Is the pharmacist at fault or is doctor at fault? Or are both of them at fault? These two examples happen because of some bad apples. But are all doctors and pharmacists like that? (Pak Leman tu memang out la, but it happens quite frequently)

How about the third scenario? Does that cause a significant public health concern?

This may not go down so well with my medical doctor colleagues and pharmacist friends.

"Dia doktor, mesti la dia tak mau DS" said the pharmacist.

"What la weh, you don't support your own colleagues?!" yells a doctor.

I am sitting on the fence here because it does not get us anywhere. We are in the same field; MEDICINE. And we ought to work together for the benefit of the public. Things have gotten so bad that some (both sides) go the extent of targeting a person personally. It is not healthy for both professions and the public.

Doctors need to buck up and rid our profession of some unscrupulous practitioners who just whack any medications they want without knowing its benefits and adverse effects. Heck, there are still housemen doing locums at some clinics...why are these HOs doing locums in the first place?

Pharmacists need to ensure that they don't cross their boundaries too. Give medications according to a doctor's prescription. I really appreciate it when my pharmacists counter - check my prescriptions and discuss the reasons why I prescribe according to the dosages (this occurs in government centers). Sometimes either party might have new knowledge gained from CMEs and new journals which have a more positive outcome on the management of a patient.

Again, it all comes back to being humble. It is impossible for one person to know EVERYTHING.

From what I see at this point, the only winners here are the Dato' Prof. Emeritus Dr. Sir Quacks and their affiliates. This is their best 'bullet' to sell their products.

"Tengoklah agen agen Rockefellar Zionis laknat tu. Bergaduh macam budak kecik."

That's all for now. Cannot write long long. If sakit hati baca ni, please take some of these meds.

Ubat sakit hati

I apologize if I sakitkan hati anyone. This is just my personal observation. I do not represent anyone....

......I am.....the one and only....


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  1. can't agree more with you, boss. this is a blessing in disguise for us as doctors. otherwise we will forever in comfort zone..freezing, dis-UNITED.
    bottomline is to treat everyone with respect and dignity
    coz Respect is earned, not demanded.cheers!

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