Suamiku Encik Doktor Suka Makan Sotong Peluk Beruang Teddy

4:52 PM

Pada suatu hari, ada seorang lelaki telah menjadi seorang doktor. Dia suka makan sotong dan peluk beruang teddy malam malam. Adakah dia seorang sotong? Tidak sama sekali. Aku telah mengahwininya dan amat sukar mengahwini seorang doktor.

Sekian, sampai situ sahaja nukilan saya.

Nope, nope, nope.....I just don't have the skills to write a love Bahasa Malaysia. oh my, that was really bad.

This is just my response to a list a friend of mine shared.

Its a list of best seller novels. Notice the similarities? It all has something to do about some sort of love story about their lovely husbands in a perfect world filled with love. I'm not sure who reads all this but I won't be buying any of these for sure. My book rack is filled with Robert Kiyosaki's books, T. Harv Ecker and I haven't even started going through Tony Robbin's books.

So here goes. I will attempt to write a best selling book within this year. Of course I'll write in Rojak (predominantly in) English first. If I can be on that list (once I write in Bahasa Malaysia) it will be a personal achievement...and I will surely get a Datukship or maybe a Sir.

So.....just wait for it :)


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    1. Hoho.. Bukan nak lawan. Nak memeriahkan lagi je.hihi

    2. Hoho.. Bukan nak lawan. Nak memeriahkan lagi je.hihi


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