How Would You Spend 24 MINUTES?

9:30 AM

The following event took place between 1100 hours and 1124 hours. This is....

24 Minutes


Ding - dong....nombor satu - kosong - lapan - sembilan - bilik satu...

I would never have expected to face the challenge of diagnosis as difficult as this case today. I was a bit lembap from 4 days of holidays and hours sitting in a car stuck in a traffic jam. Today would forever be etched in history as the day I diagnosed a disease worthy of getting a SIR title.

"Dr. semalam saya naik bas dari kampung. Lepas minum kopi saya tidur lepas tu saya rasa pening. Harini pulak tiba tiba rasa demam."

Sweating like mad


I was sweating like mad thinking of the possible diagnosis. One pint of normal saline run fast won't help me this time. He was perfectly well. He has NO FEVER. Vital signs were all normal. No other signs and symptoms of increased intracranial pressure. What could be the problem? In my mind, I had this mental picture:

Courtesy of stuff I found at home
What can link all these together? A bus, a cup of coffee and thermometer (represents high temperature). All these don't make sense. I tried to recall every episode of House MD I can think of. Then it occurred to me; there is one missing link I failed to see. According to an ancient proverb;


I told him that there is nothing wrong with him at the moment. He declined to take FBC. I prescribed some paracetamol for him as I can't figure out what else to give.


He comes back in asking for an MC. Meanwhile he tries to make sweet talk some small conversation with me....

He just has MC-litis syndrome.

End of 24 Minutes

This episode of 24 Minutes is based on a true story. The ending has been altered to give it more drama. The patient wasn't told of his life threatening condition to jaga hati and to avoid any suicide. He was instead given a time slip to rest until 12 pm. I hope he stops taking coffee if he wants to sleep next time.

Watch out for 24 Minutes on AXN HD next week.


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  1. Cehh Dr! I was expecting something heroic hahahah

    1. Ampun, cerita yang anti climax. Coretan ini hanya untuk release stress kerja hari isnin :)
      Sometimes, you just have to have some humour to get through tough days


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