Flaming The Myths of Vaccination

5:01 PM

After reading a report in Sinar Harian yesterday (nope, I didn't BUY the tabloid paper!) shared by medical colleagues, I can't help but wonder; if this tabloid paper is renowned for being able to write every single (useless and unnecessary) detail of incidents such as:

1. How a relative of a deceased had a premonition of a deceased death.
"Saudara 3 pupu belah emak beliau telah mendapati si mati tidak seperti biasa. Dia telah bangun lambat pada hari tersebut."

2. Details of the condition of a deceased.
"Si mati dijumpai tanpa SEURAT benang."

WHY can't they just do a simple search (Uncle GOOGLE knows!) on the difference between a TUMOUR and a VIRUS. I am fortunate that I have a background knowledge on medicine. Imagine someone who has no medical background and their MAIN source of information is Facebook, Whatsapp and tabloid papers? Just drop by any kedai kopi and see what are the TWO most read papers available? And you can see all these sembang kedai kopi people talking about the contents of the paper. Of course anti vaccers will LOVE this. Never mind that it has NOTHING to do with the vaccination itself. Just have a read (but don't click too many times please).


Points to korek:

1. Why is there a picture of a ventilated person? Cameras are banned in the wards for fear of compromise of patient's and staff's privacy....unless they got a written consent from the hospital director and the patient.

2. "...terpaksa dipotong bagi mengelakkan VIRUS barah merebak di bahagian tubuh lain."
Know the facts right VIRUS and tumors are DIFFERENT!

3. ".....diketahui menghidap barah tulang di bahagian tangan kiri selepas mendapat suntikan untuk barah serviks di sekolahnya..."
This is highly confusing and misleading, Anti-vaccers will love this sentence. For the lay person, it will be:

Inject HPV Vaccine > Get bone cancer  >  Amputated Limb

4. "...doktor pakar di Unit Jagaan Koronari HUSM Kubang Kerian sehingga kini..."
Why Coronary Care Unit? Or was it ICU. Again, did the reporter bother asking the doctors attending to this teenager?

So WHY vaccinate against HPV when viruses and tumours are two DIFFERENT things?

Well studies have shown that some types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), mainly HPV 16 and 18 can cause cervical cancer. They can be the cause of 70 % of cervcial cancers and precancerous lesions. According to the WHO fact sheet (PLEASE READ THIS):

1. Cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in women.

2. In 2012 approximately 270,000 women died from cervical cancer.

For these reasons, HPV vaccines are being approved to combat the rise of cervical cancer. If you have not been vaccinated, do go for regular PAP smear test at your nearest clinic. The signs and symptoms may arise only after it is too late.


I have no idea why. Do bear in mind though that the cellular structure of bones and cervical cells are TOTALLY different. It may have been dormant or being dismissed as sakit biasa before this incident. I wouldn't want to be like this Wartawan Sinar Harian and speculate. It is best to ask the attending doctor on what happened.

This is not the first time I have been so frust by the local media. I have written a few entries on this isuue.
Why Sensationalize The News?
Poisons and Medications

My word of advice, please stop reading Harian Hairan & Sinar Metro. Read something else. And please don't believe everything that is being written. There is always two sides of the story.

As for this particular Wartawan Sinar Harian I think some sort of action should be taken by the authorities. Tak larat la nak counter all these claims. For anti vaccers, buat la apa apa pun. I give thousands of scientific research, they will still focus on a few isolated inconclusive evidences.

If only we can solve this with just One Pint Normal Saline....sigh

Credit to 1PNS

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  1. It should be a practice for reporters to actually consult doctors before writing a piece relating to the medicine. Kalau tak buat macam ni it will only give a bad name to both healthcare and media professionals. Rakyat marhaen jugak yang tertipu. Sigh.

  2. i think in the reporter's mind, "as long as i can write a piece of news, it's good enough for me. i don't bother if it's true or not."

    and most malaysians believe everything's written in the newspaper

  3. Saya harap ibu bapa hendaklah segera membawa anak ke hospital jika mendpti mana2 bahagian tubuh anak membengkak atau membesar. Mujurlah pesakit di atas mengambil suntikan vaksin HPV, maka keadaan tangannya yg abnormal itu dpt dikesan oleh jururawat yg bertugas. Kalau tak, mungkin lebih lambat barah tulang itu dpt dikesan. Manakala selepas itu, jgnlah terlalu lama berada dlm fasa 'denial' (cthnya: eh takkan kot anak aku kena kanser) krn semakin lambat bertindak maka semakin jauh barah itu blh merebak. Sehubungan dgn itu juga sedarlah bahawa rawatan homeopathy atau alternatif yg lain spt air ECPI TIDAK disahkan secara klinikal dpt merawat kanser spt yg didakwa mereka. Jgnlah membuang masa mencuba rawatan2 sebegini krn ianya bukan sahaja memberi peluang utk sel2 kanser 'terjaga dari tidur dan bertindak ganas' malah mengosongkan juga poket yg mana sepatutnya duit itu digunakan utk perbelanjaan rawatan di hospital. Wahai rakyat Malaysia, janganlah biarkan diri kita tertipu di siang hari. Tanyalah kpd mereka yg pakar dan bertauliah kerana itulah cara yg dituntut dlm Islam. Allahua'lam.

    1. Thanks for the advice for fellow Malaysians. I just wish they can read this instead of the stuff in tabloid papers

    2. Thanks for the advice for fellow Malaysians. I just wish they can read this instead of the stuff in tabloid papers

  4. anyway.read this in a comment of a layman who shared the article.when the layman ask.."hpv kan berjangkit thru intercourse..knapa la kena suntik vaksin hpv kat anak2 remaja yg belum sexually active tu?utk herd immunity konon? " fuhh..masalahnya tak sedar yg dia tu tak berilmu ttg vaksin hatta basis vaksin pun x tau..tapi tak ikhlas nak mengambil tahu..just asking to challenge the medical doc..
    nway, luv the ns ending

  5. Oh my. Our public health & primary care friends have a LOT of health education to do. The rest of us too. Meanwhile, I will have that pint of Normal Saline, please. Over two hours. Thanks.

  6. Mean while Teh O Ais Kurang Manis will be suffice for me, ikat tepi

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