Don't want to take medicines for chronic illnesses? Try this!

7:37 AM

I've been reading some anti-vaccers and pseudoscience stuff and I just had to get some things out of my head (even though I have to study for IELTS!)


Mr A:    I have taken all these drugs doctors gave me but I'm still coughing! (as he threw packs of medicines on the table).

MOf:     Are you still smoking?

Mr A:    A bit only....only ONE PACK a day.

MOf:     Do you want me to shove all those cigarettes in your throat!!! (dalam hati je la cakap)


Mr B:    Doktor ni Rockefellar Zionis Anti-all-that-is-good-in-this-world la! I have taken all these medications and my kidney function is worsening and I feel numb on my extremities.

MOf:     Are you taking all your medicine every day accordingly?

Mr B:     Ikut suka la, sometimes if I remember I take.

MOf:     How about your diet intake?

Mr B:    Breakfast: Nasi lemak + Teh tarik, Lunch: Nasi Ayam + Nescafe Ais, Dinner: Big Mac + Coke

You see where this is going? I've been going through some Pseudoscience and Anti Vaccers material lately and the level of stupidity  conflicting ideologies dazzles me. Initially I was filled with anger, but after going through some of the comments...I feel....kesian. I am not really sure where all these hatred comes from and my philosoraptor meme keeps popping up in my head;

Now, why can't they just use all of their resources and mumbo jumbo on magnetic in-plug (I think they meant influx) and rid the world of;
1. Cigarette smoke
2. Excess processed food
3. Carbonated drinks
4. Sweetened condensed milk  

I personally think that by getting rid (or maybe reducing) the intake of all these stuff, everyone's health will be much better. No need to see any Rockefellar Zionis (their favorite word) doctors. No need to take any unnecessary medicine. Malaysia will not have to spend too much on dialysis machines and subsidies on medicine.

OK la. Enough for now....I need to stop writing in rojak! Hopefully if I pass my IELTS, I can have a better chance at a Prof Emeritus SIR title from the Queen of England.


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  1. Heh. Stuff to make your bp stratospheric.

    All the best for your IELTS!

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