Questions I Can't Find Answers To

7:37 AM

My Facebook wall has been filled by screen captures of a homeopathy doctor  'lokto'....yes, she actually used the doctor title without '(EM)' or '(H)'! So now, it's almost 12 midnight and I can't go to sleep without getting this off my mind. Here are the screen capture (and of course, typical MOfrust, I blacked out the names...pandai-pandai la korang carik).

A not so bright loktor's idea about MGTT and GDM

Giving some weird coffee mixture to a newborn
This will only be a short post to get things off my mind. A few questions that I have for these loktors and their avid followers. I don't expect a proper scientific answer with debatable values...but please prove me wrong! I have seen how they respond to Pseudoscience Watch's questions....CAPS LOCK and Rockefellar accusations and all.


1. If modern medicine can be traced back to great Muslim scholars like Ibnu Sina, where does these homeopathy and electronic medicine knowledge and ideologies come from? They have been accusing medical doctors of being an agent of Zionist, Jews, Illuminati bent on creating havoc in the world!
So which side am I actually on? Can there be a conspiracy within a conspiracy? Can the conspirers (not sure if this is a word) be the ones creating the conspiracy?....this can be Christopher Nolan's next movie (remember Inception?)!

2. Why does the public believe in some one who sells a product and driven by sales rather than some one being paid (by the government) the same amount regardless of how many lives they save or how many patients they see?
I would love to see less patients every day...but my job is to save lives and PREVENT deaths. I don't just lenggang kaki. The public health is as important to me as my own life.

I'm not sure when these questions of mine will be answered or if it can be answered. But I'm happy to get it off my mind. Now, I can sleep soundly....kroh kreh kroh kreh (the sound of snoring).

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  1. Haa?!! they think MGTT is done so that ibu mengandung dapat kencing manis? Aduuuhh.. kalau tak tau sila lah bertanya & banyakkan membaca... Aaaah now I cannot sleep thinking about these people.. sooo misguided and sooo kesian..

  2. Dear M.O Frust... however frustrated you are.. we are never frustrated by you..! Keep up your good job. You're really writing on behalf of us, what's on our mind. Tqvm!!

  3. This really show how bad is our malaysian's health education n awareness. All the replies in the picture above really shows the thinking are going backwards. Surely that this is very alarming to all of us.

  4. You got me with this post, and now I am adding you to my reading list. I follow a blog about female mds at mothers in medicine.

  5. Both parties should tolerate and give patients authorities to choose which methods made them satisfied. Both maybe had wrong concept about each other. As far as i concerned, homeopathy may got wrong concept about mgtt whereas for the coffee mixture i thought its for breastfeed mother she was asking for not for the newborn. So based on my reading, i think both doctors got wrong about each other, maybe both know little but criticizing lots. I think people have right to choose because its about their believe and satisfaction. All and all i cannot say which one is better because both methods are different. Maybe some people prefer the other but doesnt mean the other is a wrong thing.

    1. not judging people who question but look at the people who answer ....what kind of answer is that ' budak baru lahir pun boleh ambil pil minda' what if the baby chokes? will he /she takes the blame?


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