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After a few days of good sleep (read Questions I Can't Find Answers To), it is good to know that the 'loktor' title by the homeopathy practitioner has gone off...after a knock on the door by some officers from the Traditional and Health Medicine, Ministry of Health. Now everyone can get on with their lives and save more lives. However, I DO NOT condone the individuals who personally bash the loktor with harsh language. Let's not stoop so low to that level. You will only become the people you hate.

"I'll be the doctor today!"

There are however, some readers who brought up issues regarding FREEDOM OF CHOICE. I appreciate the reader for commenting on my page in a proper civilized manner...and I will respond is the same way.

I cannot deny the fact that there are certain things that are beyond the realms of scientific knowledge. As far as I am concerned, based on previous published studies homeopathy has no known benefits that can be proven scientifically. Bear in mind that knowledge of science is based on Sunnatullah. The laws of cause and effect. The laws of the universe that makes it possible for human beings to learn and gain knowledge. However, no one human being can know everything in this world.

The issue that made most medical doctors biting their fingers in disbelief is the fact that the Homeopathy practitioner used the title Doctor. I believe most of my readers will be able to differentiate between a REAL doctor and a loktor. But there are some people out there who are less smart than their smartphones. Believing in every little thing distributed on social media. If a member of the public saw a post;

"Buang masa saja buat MGTT"

By a DOCTOR....what will they think?
It will spread like wild fire.

"Doktor pun cakap tak payah minum air gula tu"

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Then, mothers with risk of developing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Will abscond on treatment. They will be a walking time bomb. Their unborn child will be at risk of abortion, fetal malformations and even die in the womb (intrauterine death). Even the mother will be susceptible to sudden blindness or just collapse due to ketoacidosis. When this happen, will the loktor stand up and take responsibility? I have yet to see one. Instead, doctors and nurses are called up and blamed for not taking enough effort to identify and persuade mothers to get screened and go on treatment.

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The same goes for Dengue. A loktor only looks at the platelet level. A DOCTOR would look at the platelet level, haematocrit trends, vital signs for any evidence of shock. Any significant history of severe lethargy or severe abdominal pain (severe enough for it to be a chief complaint). It takes knowledge and practice to identify all these which unfortunately all these loktor, Professor Emeritus and Sirs don't have.

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People should decide based on factual information presented to them. Facts derived from years of studies and backed by substantial amount of peer reviews. A decision should not be made based on ONE negative study out of MILLIONS of other positive studies (as in the case of anti vaccers).

This is just a thought. I am sure my colleagues would agree.


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  1. I'm a DOCTOR and not a LOCTOR..so I will give u 200%..good job my friend..

  2. Keep up ur good job of educating the public, MO Frust! *pat on ur back *
    P.S: having trouble commenting. .hope this gets through!


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