Gawk and Do Nothing

6:57 AM

There seems to be a new Basic Life Support Guideline from The Gawk, Not Do Anything and Blame Others Society (bukan nama sebenar). From what I understand, if you find a person lying motionless;

1. Stop
2. Take out a smartphone with video function
3. Head to the person and continue capturing the video
4. Upload the video on Facebook with a catchy comment such as;
" The nurses and doctors in this hospitals are inhuman letting this person lie on the floor. The government should take action! "

5. Wait for other society members to 'like' and comment with a pinch of racism such as

" I also kena like that, the staff so bad one "
" I heard my neighbor's, uncle's friend to his neighbor also treated badly by the staff at Hospital X "
" They just leave him like that because he is RACE X "

Just look at this:

Gawk, Do Nothing and Blame Others Society
I didn't bother sharing the actual video as it isn't worth your time. Just around 10 seconds of clip of a person walking in a rather crowded ward towards a bed with a person lying on the floor. The other patients seem to be walking about as if nothing happened. There was no explanation regarding the circumstances of this incident. Why was the person on the floor? Did he suddenly collapse or was he just lying on the floor? Who on earth is this guy taking the video shot? Are they related? These seems like trivial questions. But the main question when I saw this video was;

1. Can't this person (taking the video) put down the phone and just call for help? If you shout tolong, tolong for sure someone will come one!

2. Why wasn't an official complaint lodged? Did anyone inform the nurse, sister or matron? We have a system in place. Not too long ago, a health center I was in charged of received a formal complaint letter from a member of the public. My staff attended to the complaint within 24 hours and resolved the problem within 2 days. Just don't complain and not write down the exact details of the incident. And please, please, please write down a proper name and contact number. Please don't write down LADYGAGA! 

If you really want to help, here are the steps according to the Basic Life Support Guidelines by American Heart Association.

If you are not part of the solution, don't be the problem.


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