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Most Malaysians would have already heard about the plight of the medical staff at Kuala Krai Hospital by now. The text has gone viral through Facebook and Whatsapp for the past 24 hours. Even the mainstream media got a hold of the story.

Does Anybody Care? Medical staff goes beyond their call of duty

Here is the original text I forwarded to me in Bahasa Malaysia:


Sekarang generator sudah kehabisan minyak. Seluruh hospital bergelap, lampu kecemasan menyala di sesetengah bilik. Tadi kami intubate baby dalam gelap...SpO2 drop sampai 18, bradycardia. Anaest specialist sendiri datang menyelamatkn keadaan. Pesakit ICU dan CCU bernafas dengan mesin yang dijana kuasa bateri. Kalau bekalan tak pulih, kami akan bergilir2 manual bagging ...sampai..?

Minyak diesel utk generator dijanjikan sampai pkul 8.30 malam. Akan dihantar dengan helikopter. Masalah yang sedang dibincangkan; kami gelap gelita, flare gun tak ada, we need lights to show them where we are.

Kuala Krai has become a huge river, and our hospital is one of the few islands, which unfortunately doesn't glow in the dark.

Petang tadi kami semua excited. Helikopter datang with all the pomp, flair and machismo of Hollywood action movies. Everyone - who could make it, were out in the parking lot, waving, taking photos, wiping tears of joy, finally we were going to be saved. But were we? NO.

They weren't able to land. No space wide enough. No heli pad (duh of course). The rotor whirled so hard water splashed from the flooded area, debris flew up, and they said the roofs would detach if the heli came closer. The only way to rescue patients is by hoisting them up, airlift them - like in the movies. From the boats, or from a clearing very near the water edge.

We're talking about ill patients here. Yang bernafas dengan mesin, bayi2 baru lahir, orang tua patah tulang.

Mereka pergi. They departed and left us wondering. Kami terpinga2.

Kemudian  kami diarahkan utk bersedia semula utk evacuation. Able bodied patients, those few who are well enough to do a Schwarzenegger up a helicopter, were rounded up. Kami keluar ramai2 dan menunggu - tak tahu tunggu apa.

Helikopter berlegar2...dan tidak menghantar apa2. Kenderaan amfibia milik bomba datang. Kemudian ia pergi semula. Matron mengumumkan "tak jadi pindah, sila pulang ke wad masing2." Dan kerana lif tidak berfungsi (menggunakan lif dalam keadaan elektrik on-off begini pun adalah tindakan amat bahaya), pesakit2 ini beramai2 mengheret badan menaiki tangga.

Kami kecewa. Kecewa, dan takut.

Seorang kanak2 bertanya bapanya, as he saw the amphibian vehicle left us..deserted us.

"Abah, bakpo diorg datang?"

Entah. Kenapa kalian datang? Pusing2, tengok2 keadaan, kemudian bye bye good luck?

Kami dengar khabar ada pasukan bantuan di Pejabat Tanah, di Wisma. Kami dengar khabar kanak2  yg berlindung di SMKSYP tak ada makanan. Kami dengar khabar kampung2 masih terpisah drpd bantuan kerana 'arus deras, tak cukup bot, bahaya'.

Khabarnya minyak diesel utk generator akan sampai sekejap lagi. Kami menunggu. Khabarnya persediaan sedang dibuat utk memindahkan pesakit, for real this time. Kami menunggu.
Seorang doktor tentera (SATU-SATUNYA PIHAK LUAR YANG BARU SAMPAI SETAKAT INI) baru tiba, dan kami harap ketibaannya will mean a difference.

Kami menunggu.

Mak ayah dan adik2 saya masih terperangkap entah atas bukit mana di Kuala Nal. Orang2 kampung Kuala Nal bertarung nyawa dengan arus deras, rumah2 telah hanyut. Bagaimana dengan orang Kampung Bahagia, orang2 di kampung2 seberang Sg Kelantan? Saya tak tahu apa nak dibuat.

Khabarnya pagi tadi tv menyiarkan isu perkahwinan semasa banjir.


Kami menunggu.

Those were the words of a desperate doctor. No one really knows what actually went wrong. Technical engineering matters aren't what doctors are good at. Imagine the frustrations of seeing a glimmer of hope just shatter in those critical hours. No words can describe it. And at these tense moments, this particular doctor was still concerned about her patient's well being instead of thinking of her own life to save.

Fortunately they did manage to airlift some critically ill patients with the aid of military helicopters later in the night. It was truly a challenge for the staff at Kuala Krai Hospital. They managed to do their best to save lives even under extreme circumstances. The staff at Kuala Krai Hospital are true heroes.
Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam's Facebook post

Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam's Facebook post

Dr Noor Hisham's flight to Kelantan

However, the end is still far far away. The flood situation does not seem to improve. A check with the Malaysian Meteorological Department indicated that the wet weather will continue throughout Malaysia the whole week. The Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital has been partially evacuated (as of 26th December). Most of the patients have been transferred to HUSM in Kubang Kerian. From the information that I received, they urgently need man power to transfer patients and help manage patients.

Over in Perak, Kuala Kangsar and a few areas in Perak Tengah has been flooded. All the hospitals are still functioning (as of 26th December) although all medical and rescue services are on high alert. At the moment humanitarian missions are on going. 

I will be dropping by in Kuala Kangsar tomorrow morning (27th December) to help in relief efforts. I won't be going as a doctor tomorrow. I will go as a Malaysian. Darjat dan pangkat tidak membawa erti. All I know is I will help with whatever is necessary. For now, I will be bringing along clean drinking water and some dry food with an NGO. I will post updates on my Facebook page.

To all Malaysians, THIS is the time to show PEOPLE'S POWER. It should not be used just to determine who leads the country...that's for another day. But today, PEOPLE'S POWER should bring people together to help fellow Malaysians in need. Enough with the blame game. We have other matters at hand. Lives are at stake. 


<Flood Relief 2014>


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  1. congratulations for being up and moving..may Allah ease everything for you and all affected..and may da musibah end soon.

  2. May Allah help those who are being affected by the flood..
    May Allah ease your journey to help them..

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